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  1. I heard you on Radio 2 this week and thought you and what you are promoting is fantastic! More men need to open up and get involved. I am a women but hate gender stereotyping of all kinds. Nice one Jake-Jamie. Hoping you go far!

  2. I hope to see you in person and do a one-on-one thing. You know what i mean - makeup tutorial!

  3. Hi Jake, I've just started out using makeup and I've been following your YouTube channel. I love what you are doing. I also wanted to ask you if could perhaps let me know what hairstyle you have as I really want something similar when I next go to my salon, I wondered if you could do a post somewhere showing your hair from all angles? Profile, back and front. Thanks

  4. Hi Jake! My friend just told me, that he's watching your videos and I came by to check them out. Today you've opened my eyes for the issue of genderless make-up and soon you're going to change the world, trust me. Your optimism and determination give people energy to make changes in their lives.
    Sorry for my bad English, I just had to say it :)
    Stay as awesome as you are and keep doing what you do!

  5. The way to go! The time is long overdue for men to be able to enhance their appearance as much as possible!

  6. How have I only just seen that I can leave a comment about you Jake-Jamie!! You know how fabulous I think you are but let me tell everyone else now. I have been following Jake-Jamie's Youtube channel, Twitter and Instagram for a few years now. Have always taken his advice on products has I know they are truthful...If something is s**t he'll tell you. His demos of products as well are fantastic because they are done in a way that everyone can understand, not just the experienced users but everyone can follow them. I've always used products and have worn make up most of my adult life and when I first started watching Jake-Jamie the market wasn't massive for men's make up ranges but just look now...L'Oreal as just one example features Jake-Jamie's cute little face on their ads for make across Boots and Superdrug. I am proud to see how far Jake-Jamie has come in his career and look forward to watching whatever he achieves in the future. Well done Jakey xx

  7. Jake Jamie, I have only recently found your youtube channel as I am beginning to experiment with make up for a natural male makeup look for day to day wear. I've done drag in the past and know far more about drag make up than I do more subtle natural makeup that I could wear day to day without being clocked. You've quickly become an inspiration, as I've also been dreaming about blogging, too. Keep on doing your thing, inspire us! John

  8. You seem to be knowledgeable!

    I'm a heterosexual male who believes makeup helps. Question: What books can you recommend for me to read? I'm very athletic, and have been so for over 20 years. But, I'm over 60. I know absolutely nothing except an expert at a store made me really handsome 7 years ago.


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