Diptyque X Philippe Baudelocque 2017 Advent Calendar and Noel Christmas Collection

Diptyque 2017 Advent Calendar.
Now we’ve accepted that Christmas is slowly creeping up, it’s time to get down to some serious business and get our teeth stuck into even more exciting launches! Last week we had a look at the upcoming collection from Jo Malone and this week it’s all about another festive favourite – Diptique!

Last year we were offered a Night At Diptique - a fairly traditional collection, packed full of reds, blues and greens with plenty of snowflakes and Christmas trees in sight. This year, they’re taking a giant step away from the ‘norm’ to give us a completely different experience…

Sticking to its roots, Diptique has collaborated with French street-artist, Philippe Baudelocque, to create the fabulous new collection. Forget about Christmas crackers, baubles and cute gingerbread men – whilst we can still expect our favourite festive scents, this collection takes an original spin on Christmas with a constellations theme, opening our eyes to a whole new world of stargazing, magic and mystery!

Let’s step into the darkness…

Advent Calendar, £300

First up, the show-stealer you’ve all been waiting for! We can expect 25 days of sheer delight, including a mixture of home and body fragrances that will last through the holidays, right through to 2018! The calendar looks so glam and is well-presented in a book-like case, secured with a cute Diptique ribbon!

Whilst the pricing has increased a little since last year, we can expect a high-quality calendar absolutely packed with both old favourites and brand new products. Unfortunately, the exact contents are still under wraps but one thing we know for sure is that it won’t disappoint!

3 Candle Gift Set, £84 (70g) and £144 (190g)

This year we can look forward to three brand new, limited edition candles – all based on mythological creatures; a Unicorn, a Dragon and a Phoenix which really capture the magical theme.

The packaging is completely different to the usual Diptique style and is quite dark (but dark in a good way!) Each of the hand-designed creatures are set against a starry background, taking you to a land far, far away.

Frosted Forest – The Unicorn, £28 (70g) and £48 (190g)

A green forest-like candle bringing a magical, frosty and festive scent of pine needles, hinoki wood, mint and warm notes of resin.

Fiery Orange – The Dragon, £28 (70g) and £48 (190g)

It’s not a Diptyque Christmas without an offering of orange! The orange candle represents the fire-breathing dragon and has a powerful blend of orange rind, citrus fruits and spices to give a sweet but woody fragrance.

Incense Tears – The Phoenix, £28 (70g) and £48 (190g)

This one-of-a-kind blue candle represents the skies and heavens and offers a calm scent of frankincense, cinnamon and myrrh.

*All three candles can be purchased as part of the gift set or individually

Giant Baies Candle, £220

Here’s a (not-so) little something for all you Baies fans! A popular favourite which returns year after year, only this time it’s available in a GIANT size! Yes, a whole 1.5kg worth of candle (the equivalent weight of pack of self-raising flour!) which comes in a mystically crafted ceramic vase with hand-painted stars. Heavenly!

Constellations Carrousel, £40 

Next up is this year’s must-have carrousel. Designed to fit the 70g candles, the carrousel is simply stunning and will look amazing in your living room. Once the heat has been generated, just sit back and watch it dance!

The amazing new winter collection will be available in stores and online from November. 


  1. hello,I'm living in Paris. And today, I have talked with diptyque about the carrousel... They told me that, this year, carrousel will be selt with 2 pic of candles,baies and feu du bois...in a box. And the candle is normal 190g..

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