IS IT OK for guy's to wear makeup?

IS IT OK for guys to wear makeup?
It's an absolute honour to announce that I am one of the new male ambassadors for LYNX Men alongside 30 other amazing guys (such as Anthony Joshua, Will Poulter and many other incredible influencers) shaping our times and all challenging male stereotypes.

The #isitokforguys campaign launched today and is aimed to encourage men to rid themselves of cultural pressures and labels telling them what it means to 'be a man'.

The ad is a Google search-driven campaign that reveals how guys are asking the questions they can't face asking out loud, such as "'Is it ok for guys to wear pink?", "Is it ok for guys to experiment with other guys?" and so on...

Lynx said: "There are barriers that hold them back. We looked at what they're concerned about and searching for online, by partnering with Google. We wanted to put those out there and tell men they can do whatever they think is right and express themselves the way they want. "

I was asked to address a topic very close to my heart - Is it ok for guys to wear makeup? It's a privilege to be part of such a forward thinking campaign and to work with a company that share my views on gender boxes. 

Click PLAY on the video below to see my answer and campaign video.

Find out more at:

LYNX MEN alternatively search 'Is it ok for guys lynx' on YouTube and you'll find all answers and campaign videos.

If you need help or feel like you can’t be yourself, go to:


Well done Lynx - you guy's rock!

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