Glam Glow X Power Rangers Gravity Mud Mask - Launching August!

Glow, Glow Power Rangers!
The Power Rangers are back with a bang and to celebrate their return to the big screen, GlamGlow are transforming Evil to Sexy with their very own Power Rangers Mud Mask!
The collab comes after the American entertainment franchise returned, due to popular demand, after 20 years! Released in the UK on 24th March, the film is about a group of high-school students who harness their superpower abilities in order to save the world.
GlamGlow are marking this major nostalgia-fest by unleashing two new versions of their Gravity Mud mask, accelerating kids of the 90’s straight back to their childhood to channel their own inner superhero! 
The formula of the masks will be the same as the Gravity Mud masks but will now be available in metallic green and gold colours, representing Power Ranger villains, Rita Repulsa and Goldar! If it’s anything like the original Gravity Mud mask we can expect a mud-based firming mask, designed to tighten the appearance of our skin!
In terms of the packaging, I’ve not yet seen what the final product will look like but heard a little rumour that GlamGlow are moving away from their iconic jar and will be offering this product in a fancy new travel-friendly tube! We’ll just have to wait and see!
The mask will be the second collaboration from GlamGlow, following on from the successful launch of their metallic blue Sonic Face Mask in the UK earlier this year. Whilst the masks won’t be launched until August this year, we’ve been teased with plenty of pictures on Instagram and it’s definitely one to keep on your radar.

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