The Body Shop - Elixirs Of Nature – Scents From The Wild!

Nigritella, Oriental Orchid.
The Body Shop promised to kick-start 2017 by embracing lifestyle and wellbeing resolutions and proudly announced three new launches in their Skincare, Bath & Body and Fragrance ranges. The fragrance launch arrived in the form of five new captivating Eau de Parfams ‘Elixirs of nature’, truly capturing some of the planet's rarest, purest and wildest scents.

Some of the natural aromas used in the collection are so precious that without protection, they may completely disappear off the face of the earth. The Body Shop have therefore used a non-destructive technology called 'headspace technology' to ensure the essence of each plant is recreated without harm, allowing them to live on as nature intended. The fragrances are, of course, still cruelty-free and the bottles are also all made from recycled glass, complete with a natural wooden cap, keeping in with the collections ‘scents from the wild’ theme.

Whilst some of the names are unpronounceable, the scents are unforgettable! So let’s take a look..


Inspired by orchids found in the Swiss Alps, this luxuriant fragrance is a fusion of red vanilla orchid, with a hint of tuberose and vanilla. I was actually sent a sample of this gorgeous fragrance and found it quite oriental, with scents of nectar and pollen. It’s also very similar to D&G’s ‘The One’ Eau de Parfam!


Inspired by the Kahaia flower from Bora Bora, this floral fragrance includes jasmine sambac and benzoin to reflect the flower’s narcotic, white floral scent.

A spicy and woody fragrance with a smoky blend of patchouli and incense, replicating the scent of a Wacapou tree, deep in the Amazon rainforest!

An edgy fragrance for those who are a little daring. Inspired by a fragrant wood from South Africa, this scent is a woody aromatic fusion of Cedarwood, sage and vetiver – totes earthy!

A delicately fresh and subtle floral fragrance inspired by a rare flower from India. This is quite an outdoorsy scent showcasing a rare bloom Mahogany flower, enhanced with notes of orange flower and bigarade leaf absolutes. 

The fragrances are available to purchase from The Body Shop NOW and retail at £28.

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