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Pre-launch, Kylie Jenner posted the below snapchat which saw her apologising for the appearance of Cotton Candy Cream as all of her other highlighters had the shade name printed directly onto the box and Cotton Candy Cream had a dodgy-looking sticker attached. Kylie said: “Sorry, that’s my sample”.

L: Kylie's snapchat R: The product I received from Kylie Cosmetics.
Therefore I was horrified when when my box arrived with one of those stickers, the design Kylie referred to as “her sample” that didn't match the final design of the collection!

I thought “Why on earth have I been sent one of the pre-production samples?” and not the finished product that I paid for? This wasn't a PR gift either, I brought this product with my own money, just as the general public would, so there really isn't any excuse!

To make matters worse, my Kylighter was filthy! Covered in crushed highlighter, dirt and worst of all - pieces of hair! It’s disgusting. Why are the products being handled in such a manner? Where is the quality control?

At the end of my YouTube review, I decided to peel off the sticker attached to my highlighter and was left stunned when I discovered the word’s ‘FIRST DATE’ (The name of a limited edition blusher Kylie created earlier in the year) printed under the shade’s label!

This is a huge brand, worth a fortune and they are cutting corners, covering up mistakes with stickers and sending these to their customers. WHY?

Everything about this launch feels bodged and incredibly amateur! It feels as though they are just in it for the money and not because they care about their customers. 

I paid $36 (inc shipping) for THIS!!! Click the below video to see full review, demo and swatches.


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