The 40 Makeup/Beauty Questions TAG


1. Brows. Pluck, thread or wax?

2. Best product to fade acne marks?

3. Best fake tan?

4. How many times a day do you wash your face?

5. Do you exfoliate?

6. Light, medium or full coverage foundation?

7. Do you know your undertone?

8. All time favourite classic beauty product?

9. Do you order makeup on eBay?

10. Would you leave the house without makeup on?

11. Desert Island Essential?

12. Favourite drugstore/highstreet makeup brand?

13. What do you use on your hair?

14. What skin-type do you have?

15. First makeup item ever purchased?

16. Best new product of 2016?

17. Worst new product of 2016?

18. Do you use eye cream?

19. Botox or grow old gracefully? 

20. Beauty trick or hack?


1. Favourite tool for foundation application?

2. Favourite makeup brush?

3. Favourite hand cream? 

4. Favourite makeup primer?

5. Favourite finishing powder?

6. Favourite makeup brand?

7. Favourite moisturiser?

8. Favourite Concealer?

9. Favourite sun-screen?

10. Favourite brow pencil?

11. Favourite cleanser?

12. Favourite scent?

13. Beauty icon?

14. Favourite bronzer?

15. Favourite makeup setting spray?

16. Favourite beauty supplement?

17. Favourite beauty book?

18. Favourite beauty magazine?

19. Favourite beauty guru?

20. Favourite blemish-buster?

Click below to see my answers:

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