#MakeupIsGenderless: Confronting the Stigma Behind Male Beauty

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But times are changing and with them are the preconceived notions of who is allowed to wear what. Enter YouTuber The Beauty Boy, who began a now-viral campaign through the hashtag #MakeupIsGenderless. Alongside a before-and-after makeup selfie on Instagram, the social media star wrote, “Our sex should be completely irrelevant. I honestly believe make-up can change certain individuals’ lives. It enables you to put your best face forward, and this means that people suffering from acne, scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, birthmarks, vitiligo and many other conditions can use make-up just to feel ‘normal.’”

In a world where confidence about one’s appearance contributes greatly to one’s quality of life, removing the gender of makeup has the potential to greatly increase men’s satisfaction with their body image.

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