Here's what it really costs to be a beauty blogger

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Jake-Jamie receives most of his beauty products for free now. "Even when I need to top up on favorite products, a lot of brands will still send these out complimentary because they want you to keep using those products in future posts, too," he said. "I would say I probably receive roughly £500 (about $660) worth of complimentary beauty products a month — so around £6,000 (about $7,940) per year."

But Jake-Jamie has also invested in an at-home studio. "When I first started out, I used to record and edit all of my videos on an iPad," he explained. "As time has gone by, and the blog has grown, I have been able to invest bit by bit and upgrade my equipment. I now have a studio that has been created in my house dedicated to the blog with lighting, the best cameras, a Mac computer, a green screen."

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  1. Which cameras do you use? How and why do you use a green screen? Thank you.


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