Meet The Miracles - Diamond Sponge, Mini Eraser & Sculpting Sponge.

For those of you who regularly watch my YouTube channel you’ll know I’m a huge, huge fan of the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. When it comes to beauty this is my holy grail and is still, to this date, my favourite tool for foundation application. I haven’t found anything remotely close to the flawless results that this sponge delivers and if placed in a competition with the beauty blender, this would win hands down!

Perish the thought of this sponge ever being discontinued, I honestly don’t know what I’d do. A few months ago I was even devastated to notice that the shape of the sponge had changed and frantically searched the internet in the hope of stocking up on the old version. Luckily Real Techiques must have seen the error in their ways and I’m pleased to announce that the sponge has now reverted back to its original design – phew!

To add to my delight, I then discovered that the miracle sponge collection was expanding - I’m sure you can imagine the sheer level of excitement that ran through my body upon hearing this news! So, without further ado, let’s #MeetTheMiracles and check out these Real Tech-treats…

Bold Metals Miracle Diamond Sponge

The Miracle Diamond Sponge is the first from the Real Technique bold metal collection. Not only is it easy on the eye with its marble design, it has also been cleverly created with 13 facets to allow you to work with multiple products – genius! The top can be used for buffing and blending whereas the smaller, flat sides are designed for closer areas around the eyes and mouth. You can flip it on its side for application to larger areas of the face and then finish by using the fine pointed tip to cover any small imperfections! Proof that diamonds really are a girls (and boys!) best friend!

2 Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges
This 4-in-1 sponge has been made mainly for the eyes but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used on other areas of the face too. It’s super-cute and has a flat edge for erasing makeup from under the eyes, as well as rounded sides for buffing. It comes with a precision tip for those hard-to-reach corners of the eyes so if you have a beauty blunder, no-one will ever know!

Miracle Sculpting Sponge
This 6-in-1 sponge is for contouring and highlighting so you can sculpt and sculpt some more! Use the large flat edge for controlled contouring and the small rounded area for precision highlighting. It can be used with liquids, creams and powders for sculpting, pinching, highlighting and erasing – is there anything this sponge can’t do?

Both the mini eraser and miracle sculpting sponges are priced at £4.59 so you’d be mad not to add these to your collection!

Miracle Complexion Sponge
An absolute essential for everyone’s makeup bag. The sponge that previously could only be purchased in packs of 1 or 2 is now available in a value pack of FOUR. It’s like all of my Christmases have come at once! Anyone who’s interested in beauty is more than aware of how this multi-functional miracle of a beauty tool works by now, so I’ll leave it at that! Costing just £13.99 for a set of four - that’s money well spent if you ask me.

And that’s your lot! All of the new sponges are available to purchase NOW in Boots.

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