NikkieTutorials X Too Faced Collab - The Power Of Makeup!

It's the one we have all been waiting for, NikkieTutorials meets Too Faced!

Details of the palette were actually being kept top secret, but Nikkie had no choice but to share the full story on Snapchat after deets of the collaboration were leaked from Paris last week!

Founder of Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino, spoke of the leak on Instagram saying “Nikki and I had planned to reveal it to you together in a more meaningful way but our beauty-obsessed fans are just too resourceful”.

Nikkie had also commented on the leak saying “When the palette leaked this morning, I thought I was f**ked! Honestly, I was convinced that no-one was going to love this palette because I saw some bad comments, but your tweets are making my day…”

So here’s what we know so far…

The Power of Makeup Palette
This palette is everything! Nine super-pigmented eye shadows, two blushers, one bronzer and the most delicious Champagne Truffle highlighter!

The power of makeup is your all-in-one solution to glam-on-the-go!

The snap showcased her all time favourites shades:

Frosted Yum
A stunning metallic silver, that catches the light beautifully!


This is how I imagine the purest of gold to look, simply out of this world.

Mystic Hour
My personal favourite, mystic hour is a gorgeous dark blue metallic.

Wham Bam

This is purple at its very best!

Makeup & Chill
Love the name of this beauty! Warm brown and matte.

The deepest black, created by popular demand!
Swatches from Top to Bottom: Wanted, Mystic Hour, Irresistible, Frosted Yum, Wham Bam, Makeup & Chill.
Image credit: NikkieTutorials SNAPCHAT.
Sketch Marker
A brand new full-sized sketch marker liner in black!

Shadow Insurance

The shadow insurance primer to keep your eye look on, all day long!
Left: Sketch Marker, Right: Shadow Insurance. Image credit: NikkieTutorials SNAPCHAT.
Better Than Sex mascara
An EXCLUSIVE Better Than Sex mascara, in Nikkie’s favourite colour - purple!
Left: Better Than Sex Mascara, Right: Inside Palette. Image credit: NikkieTutorials SNAPCHAT.
Nikkie says she has put her whole heart in to this collection and it really does show, it’s evident that a huge amount of thought has gone into its make-up.

The new peach palette from Too Faced sold out instantly and wont be back in stock until Christmas, therefore if you are desperate to get your hands on this palette - be quick! I can see this selling like hot cakes!

I know the palette is launching in August but a price hasn't been confirmed as of yet - I’ll be sure to keep you posted!



James Read H20 Rose Water Infused Tan Mist Review

It was love at first spritz! The ONLY product you need this summer! A refreshing rose water that TANS you! Thank you James Read for bringing something NEW and exciting into the world of beauty, its pure genius!

FULL review:



Body Shop InstaGlow CC Cream Review

Wouldn’t it be great if we all felt confident enough to post pictures on Instagram without using a filter? Well, this week The Body Shop released their ‘Instaglow CC Cream SPF20’ which claims to go beyond a CC cream, reviving your skin with such a healthy glow that a filter is not required! Sounds good, right?
It seems that contouring is starting to take a back seat and with 2016 being the year of no makeup, makeup - the trend of ‘real’ looking skin is everywhere. The Body Shop have jumped right on this hype with Instaglow which is set to unify skin tone, minimise the appearance of pores and reduce shine. It moisturises for 24 hours and protects your skin against ageing and dark spots with its UVA/UVB sunscreen. It’s also non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested!
Instaglow comes in three different shades:
Bright Glow £14.00
For light skin - a blend of white pigments and purple pearls, neutralising sallowness.
Peachy Glow £14.00
For light to medium skin – a coral pink tint with light reflecting pearls, awakens tired looking complexion and reduces dullness.
Warm Glow £14.00
For medium to dark skin – a rich brown tint with warm golden pearls, warms up complexion and counteracts ashiness to reveal the radiance of dark skins.
Top - Bright Glow, Centre - Warm Glow, Bottom - Peachy Glow.
Now, the packaging gets a massive thumbs up from me. Visually, it’s very pleasing with a luxurious looking squeezy tube. It’s an exciting-looking product with a metallic and glowy effect and what’s great is that it’s light-weight and travel friendly, meaning you can pop it in your bag without the fear of it being taken off you at the airport!
So far, this is set to be a great product but when something seems a bit too good to be true, it normally is! This is exactly what I found when I came to testing out this product. I only tested the bright glow and peachy glow – sadly, I can’t comment on the warm glow as it’s formulated for darker skin so would have been a pointless exercise. Here are my thoughts though..
Firstly, upon application I was instantly drawn to an unpleasant PVA glue-like smell. Some of you may like this, I’m not here to judge, but this isn’t really what I expect and enjoy from a CC cream. It has the texture of a primer and is really difficult to work into the skin – I didn’t enjoy the application of this at all.
The bright glow did absolutely nothing for me. I must admit, the peachy glow did perk up my skin a little, but not enough to warrant wanting to add this to my daily routine. I just don’t get it? The results are minimal, verging on non-existing – very disappointing! Oh, and as a side note for the boys, it clings to your facial hair for dear life!!
Before/After Peachy Glow.
It’s such a shame as the marketing of this product makes it sound like a revolution but sadly ‘filter in a bottle’ this is not. Sorry Body Shop, but it’s an InstaNo from me! 


Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Oil Review

Reality TV star and social media queen, Khloe Kardashian has given Cocoa Brown her Seal of approval! Having the ability to influence the globe to instantly purchase anything she endorses, it’s only natural that the Golden Goddess Shimmery Dry Body Oil has become a huge hit! 

Khloe first discovered the Golden Goddess oil through her makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli, leader of the Kardashian Glam Squad! As a firm family friend, you’ll find her at all the Kardashian family functions; weddings, birthdays, you name it! She’s even appeared in the hit reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians too.

Joyce was sent a sample of the range from Irish tan brand, Cocoa Brown, and fell in love! She tested out a number of products on both Kylie and Khloe and decided to join the Cocoa Brown family as the global brand ambassador. The rest is history!

So, starting with the packaging… It comes with a magical pump to dispense the product but you need to give the bottle a good shake before use as the oil and shimmer separate – it’s like looking in to the sand dunes! It’s presented in a luxurious looking glass compact with a gold top. It’s really sturdy and has a great design, making it the perfect addition to your make-up display!
The sand dunes got GLOW for DAYS!
They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts and I must say, I’m really impressed with this too! The oil creates a silky smooth finish with a subtle shimmer, creating a fantastic overall glow. It blends really well and is super buildable which means you can create either a subtle look or go full-on glamtastic, the choice is yours! It can be used to highlight the face or all over the body, enabling you to create the perfect ‘celebrity limb’.
1 Pump of Golden Goddess
If you’re anything like me, you’ll hear the word ‘oil’ and immediately think of break-outs. But this product is non-comodegenic, meaning it won’t block pores and cause spots! It’s non-greasy so doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and tacky either, which allows for that all-important last minute tanning sesh! If you’re not a huge fan of self-tan then don’t worry, as this is perfect for non-tanners too. For those of you who are all about the golden glow though – partner this up with Cocoa Brown’s 1 hour tan.

It has excellent lasting power and gives a real unique highlight to the skin, really bringing the meaning of ‘Golden Goddess’ to life. On top of this, it smells absolutely delicious! It has such a fresh and endless summery scent – It’s the best smelling highlighter in the world, fact! 

Now, I have to tell you that this is detectable on the skin so isn’t suitable for the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look, but for those wanting 'glow for days' this is guaranteed to tick all the boxes.

So all in all, another fabulous product from Cocoa Brown, and if it’s good enough for Khloe, it’s good enough for us! You can pick up your Golden Goddess at a very affordable £9.99 from Superdrugs!



We’re not even half way through the year and the makeup launches just keep on coming! This time it’s Benefit Cosmetics in the spotlight as they announce the launch of their brand new brow collection, offering a ton of exciting new tools to give YOU brows on fleek! 
There’s a whole host of brand new products being released as part of the collection and also a few upgrades on our existing favourites! You’ll be spoilt for choice with the fantastic new range which includes fillers, definers, pencils, powders and magical wands! There’s something for absolutely everyone!
The new range is suitable for all skin tones and promises to solve ANY brow dilemma. The brow revolution has now begun and with a total of 36 products, this is the largest launch I’ve ever seen from a cosmetic house! 
So let’s take a sneak peak at a couple of the BRAND NEW products…..
Goof-Proof Brow Pencil (£18.50)
A brow-filling pencil with a glide-on formula to give a natural-looking brow. It has a spoolie brush to blend and is designed to fit the angles of your arches. It’s also great for filling in thin and sparse brows!
3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer (£18.50)
The 3DBROWtones has a custom brush and comb tip, enhancing lighter brows and softening the look of darker brows. It’s water resistant and promises a 12 hour wear! Wear alone or with your favourite brow pencil.

BrowVo! Conditioning Primer (£21.50)
The BrowVo is a conditioning primer, formulated with keratin and soy proteins for a thicker, fuller-looking brow! It can be worn under brow products and also works as an overnight treatment!
Ka-BROW Cream-Gel (£18.50)
A waterproof cream gel that sculpts and defines your arches – all you need for flawless eyebrow shading!

A couple of our existing fave’s have also had a bit of a makeover. What’s different…?

Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel (£18.50)
Not much has changed at all with this brow-volumising gel. The only difference is that it’s now available in three shades instead of two – Light, Medium & Deep.
The rest of the new line is available in the six shades, ranging from light to deep, so once you’ve found your match it should be pretty consistent throughout!

Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit (£24.50)
Your essential kit for perfect brows! The kit has been expanded with colours across the six shades, so you can find your perfect colour in every category. It also has a new extendable and easier-to-use applicator!

High Brow Glow Highlighting Pencils (£17.50)
Again, not much has changed with the luminous brow highlighting pencil apart from its new creamier formula!
Take a look through the whole collection, being launched on 24th June, here!

Post Update 16/08/2016

Since writing the above I have now tested the whole brow collection!

Click below to see the FULL detailed review:


19 Beauty Experts Share How Makeup Has Shaped Their Self-Image

It was an absolute privilege to be a part of BuzzFeed's Body Positivity Week! 

Click here to read the full story.

Is it GAY to wear make-up?

Click Below for the answers to the Questions, that I get asked the most:



James Read Enhance TanTour Sculpting Duo For Face & Body Review

Summer is on its way and we’ve all got holidays on our minds, but why wait until then to get a nice golden glow? Tan expert James Read has now released the TANTOUR Sculpting Duo – the world’s first contouring product that also gives you a tan!

TANTOUR works throughout the day, combining a mineral bronzer and a pearl illuminator to create a gorgeous sun-kissed look that lasts the test of time.

James has had a bit of rebrand and his new products are looking great. The TANTOUR comes in a luxurious and expensive looking gold and white compact with a huge mirror (which I love!). Speaking of huge, both the highlight and contour powders are massive which means they’ll last for ages! 

The attention to detail in this product is incredible. James has added a quality angled sculpting brush which works particularly well when applying the contour. He has also included a step by step guide on different ways to use the product, which includes TanTouring the lower neck and chest to add definition to your d├ęcolletage and EVEN enhancing muscle definition to the legs - beach body here we come!

The matte bronzer is infused with self-tan and is designed to deepen with daily use over 3 – 5 days. It’s red undertones really mimic a real-life natural looking suntan! It’s super subtle and great for guys too as it doesn’t contain any shimmery particles!

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of contouring as you could just use the bronzer all over your face to create a more uniform finish, think Trystal Minerals but without the mess!

The illuminating highlight powder is also extremely subtle yet it captures the light beautifully. The formula itself is silky and incredibly blendable, it has a real butter-like texture. 

I tested this product over a four day period and I would definitely recommend this as a pre-holiday must-have. It is suitable for all skin tones and creates the most perfect pool-side no makeup, makeup effect! The TANTOUR retails at £35 and is available online and in stores now!
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