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So April is here which means Jo Malone’s new Rare Tea Collection will be released any minute now! I’m super excited about this collection which is made up of six unique colognes, each carefully hand selected and created with such detail from around the world! 
Moving away from anything you’ve seen before, this is a huge moment for Jo Malone with the Rare Teas collection showing a whole new side to the brand, by delivering a larger bottle size of 175ml with a more premium price of £240. 
Inspired from Japanese foothills to China to the Himalayas, this is an industry first in the way the tea has been infused straight from the leaf into refined fragrances. Rare Teas are all about craftsmanship, purity, provenance and ritual. Unlike mass-produced teas, rare teas are grown in small quantities, picked by hand and harvested using traditional, time honoured methods. Precision and preciousness spotlighted the hero ingredient, the tea itself, with additional ingredients carefully selected by Jo Malone to bring out its most unusual facets. Let’s take a peek at the six new fragrances….
Darjeeling TeaRichly floral with an exotic sweetness
Discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas, this is a sublime rare tea infusion consisting of Jasmine absolute, Freesia and Davana (known for its unique fruity scent!)
Golden Needle TeaA dark, mysterious rare tea infusion
Inspired by the warm wooden interior of Chinese tea houses. The Golden Needle Tea is handpicked and withered to a deep, burning gold. Infused for 92 hours to reveal its dark and spicy facets, this tea has been transformed into a dark woody and mysterious fragrance consisting of Benzoin, Sandalwood, Leather and Styrax.
Jade Leaf TeaCrisp, green and slightly bitter
The smoothest of all the fine Japanese Sencha teas and infused for 22 hours, the Jade Leaf Tea fragrance is a crisp and invigorating rare tea infusion made up of Seasame, Lentisk (a Pine-like resin), Mate Leaf & Pomelo.
Midnight Black TeaDeeply seductive, Intrinsically exotic
Infused for 100 hours to produce a more soft and sensual scent, the Midnight Black Tea fragrance is an oriental interpretation of the tea with key ingredients of Vanilla absolute, Labdanum and Guaiacum Wood.
Oolong TeaA cocooning, creamy rare tea infusion
Grown in the rolling mountains of Jiangsu in China, this tea is handpicked, dried on bamboo and heated for a precious woody elegance. The fragrance is then created by the adding powdery Cocoa, almondy Tonka, Hay and Tobacco.
Silver Needle TeaA glistening, romantic rare tea infusion
Delicately floral, supple and velvety, this tea is grown in the valleys of Fujian, China. A romantic interpretation of a delicate floral character, the Silver Needle Tea fragrance is made up of Rose absolute, Mimosa absolute, Bergamot and Sage to bring about an image of the dry tea leaves.
So there you have it, the new Rare Tea Collection! Even by hearing the descriptions of each tea and reading the ingredients you get lost in the super luxurious journey it creates in your mind. Well it’s not long until you can try them for yourselves - Rare Teas will be available in 10 Jo Malone boutiques across the UK and also online this April.
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