Alice Through The Looking Glass Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette & Lipsticks!

I have some really exciting, BREAKING NEWS!! Following on from the success of their most iconic palette, the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows, Urban decay have once again collaborated with Disney to create a sequel, the Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection!

The collection consists of an Eyeshadow Palette and five, yes FIVE limited-edition shades of lipstick, all inspired by Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass which will reunite the all-star cast including Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette
The pop-up eyeshadow palette, inspired by the new film release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, is made up of 20 all-new shades and reflects characters from the film, from Alice’s softer tones to the Mad Hatter’s bright and bonkers shades. The colours have been arranged into columns by character and placed in a super-attractive and eye catching palette, detailed with movie quotes and kaleidoscopic artwork woven out of flowers and butterflies. 

The 20 new shades have all been individually crafted and thoughtfully named, including film favourites such as Dormouse, Hatter and of course Looking Glass. Urban Decay have continued experimenting and this palette really offers the opportunity to be a little creative with the colours, you can match up the columns to steal the look of a character or you could mix then up to create something brand new for your very own tea party! 

Alice Through the Looking Glass Lipsticks

The Lipstick shades follow a similar trend to the Eyeshadow Palette and are based on our favourite characters from the film; Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana (the White Queen), Iracebeth (the Red Queen) and Time (a part human, part clock creature!). Match up the lipsticks with the eyeshadows and you can have a bunch of fun recreating all of the looks from the film!

Again, the packaging is inspired by the film and oozes playfulness which will really stand out on your dressing table. You need to be quick though as these are limited edition shades made exclusively for the collection - once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

The collection will be released Nationwide on Thursday 5 May, so if you play your cards right you'll have nailed your brand new look ahead of the movie release on the 27th! The Eyeshadow palette will retail at £45.00, with the Lipstick shades at a very reasonable £16.00. The collection will be available to purchase from urbandecay.co.uk, go on - you’d be mad not to! 




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