The Vaser Vlog Part 1

Hey Everyone,

This is part one of a new mini series, showing the process of Vaser Liposuction from start to finish.

I am sharing my journey as there is currently nothing like it on YouTube and I want to help. I spent hours trying to find modern video's on the full process of Vaser Lipo (consultation, best clinics, pre-op, post op, results etc) and had no luck, hopefully this will help if you are considering having VASER done. It's a huge decision and it's so important to make sure this is right for you!

Trust me, I haven't gone into this lightly. It's something I have thought about for years!

Any questions at all, comment below and I'll do my best to come back to you ASAP.

Surgery performed by Dr Vlok at The Private Clinic.

Check out the Private Clinic's diary of my VASER journey, this will give you an insight from a medical perspective: 


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