Makeup for Men/No Makeup, makeup for Women! HD! High Quality Tutorial and Demo.

With Makeup, I am able to create a second skin that gives me the confidence to hold my head up high!
Just under a year ago I started recording video’s on YouTube, like most ‘Beauty’ channels I review all the latest cosmetic launches, however my channel is very different indeed - I review products from a Female AND MALE perspective.

Somehow our society decided that only women should wear makeup, however many Men feel the pressure to look good and simply meet beauty standards too.

We know sexism hurts women, but we don't talk as much about how sexism hurts men.

Why are Men supposed to be “reserved emotionally? We are all humans, we get anxiety and have body image issues too.

My YouTube channel quickly proved that there are thousands of Men wanting to improve their appearance, and why shouldn't they?

These Men each have their own and very personal reasons for wanting to wear makeup, from wanting to look great on their wedding day to impressing a hot date!

They come to me as they have no idea where to start and which products to use, often they are too scared to approach a beauty counter for advise through fear of being teased and laughed at.

I provide a safe haven whereby Men can talk about beauty without being judged!

The general consensus is that we want products that don't sit in our beard (if you’ve got a beard!), we want products that look incredibly natural on the skin, and we want to add shade and dimension to our faces without ever looking like a glitter-ball!

Today, I’m going to show you how to transform your problem skin, into flawless perfection every single day!


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