Make Up Forever ULTRA HD Foundation Review - Genius Invention or a Marketing Scam? *

The below review was written for www.blatherandbeauty.ie as part of her #malebloglove series:

For me, this was a really interesting concept as anybody that watches my YouTube Channel will know I’m all about creating incredibly natural make-up looks. I spent years perfecting my own ’natural’ make-up, which is why I started the channel in the first place to share my findings with other men and woman wanting to create that perfect looking complexion!
We have already found foundations that look like a second skin whether that be in a HD Video, in person or on the highest megapixel camera. Therefore I found the idea a little bit strange, it made me think – Is this just another marketing trick? Is the word ‘ULTRA HD’ just another way of selling a brand new foundation? I was really excited to put it to the test.
After putting this foundation through an incredibly thorough trial, I was not impressed with this foundation at all, I don’t think it’s invisible on the skin, it sits in fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. This foundation will work for some individuals, but my frustration comes from MAKE UP FOREVER stating that they guarantee invisible results on ALL skin types and as my video proves – that is not the case.
Those claims are absolutely ridiculous!
It really hits a nerve with me. As a beauty YouTuber, I receive messages from people all of the time wanting to create a better version of themselves because they have massive confidence issues. Often I’ll receive messages from straight men or very young individuals wanting to buy their first foundation, but worried they’ll spend lots of money and the make up will look obvious on their skin.
Therefore examples like this make me ever more upset, I think of that 15 year old boy wanting to find his first foundation to give him the confidence to walk the streets with his head held high – if he went online and saw this foundation, a product that claims to work on everybody’s skin and GUARANTEES to be invisible, he would rush out and buy this product in a flash. Unaware, he has spent £29.00 on a product that may not even work for his skin type.
Don’t alway’s believe the hype, this is a prime example of clever marketing! 
You can watch a full demo of this foundation below.



  1. clever marketing indeed, that's why I NEVER rush into buying a product (foundations in particular). I like to do my research and make sure it's suitable...especially when it's a high end product!

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