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Can you believe I was on Buzzfeed last night, ranked number five in the top 10 Men that will teach you everything you need to know about makeup! I feel honoured and incredibly blessed.
Anyway, today we park makeup and talk Imedeen.
I found out today that Imedeen has actually been a global leader for internal skincare since 1991 (The year I was born!). So although internal skincare has been going since the day I entered the world, I feel like only recently we have started to see a huge increase around products that work from within.
Imedeen's range are designed to enhance your regular beauty regime, nourishing the deep layer of skin untouched by traditional creams and lotions.
Endorsed by scientists, dermatologists and industry expects - I had high expectations!
Imedeen Tan Optimizer is a sun preparation tablet, you're advised to take one tablet every day for 4 weeks and then throughout any sun exposure. The benefits? Vitamin C and E to protect skin from oxidative stress.
It's important to note, Imedeen do NOT replace the use of SPF so when taking the supplements its imperative that you continue it wear your sun protection as normal - you will not magically build up an immunity.
My thoughts
I wouldn't personally use this product again, but the only reason for that is I am not a huge sunworshipper anyway! As a kid, I could lie in the sun for hours.. but these days as a 'skincare freak', you'll often find me in the shade slapped in a heavy duty, high SPF cream!
UV rays account for 80% of all skin ageing.
Don't get me wrong, I love looking all golden and delicious but I can find that in a bottle of fake tan without the risks that come with baking yourself. Plus, sweating leads to clogged pores and unsightly spots. We all need some sun, however you'll get your vitamin D from incidental time spent outdoors, without burning.
To be fair to Imedeen they do advise you to stay Sun Smart by following these Golden Rules:
  • Sunscreen of factor 15+ should always be used 
  • Make sure you never burn
  • Aim to cover up with a t-shirt, hat and sunglasses
  • Remember to take extra care with children
  • Time in the shade from 11am – 3pm is a mustI
I do think this is a great product, if you are somebody that is going to spend your life sunbathing no matter what. Imedeen will help to give you that little boost of extra protection - so although it's not for me. I do see the benefits, and think its a genius idea to help the sun fanatics to stay that extra-bit safer.

Imedeen can be purchased from Superdrug and retails at £39.99.

Take care, and stay safe! x


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