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Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick Review

Worth the hype?



Michael Kors GLOW Bronzer Review - 21g.

I was so excited to get this beautiful bronzer but was sceptical that with a £34.00 price tag it would have to be pretty spectacular to warrant the cost.

I'm pleased to say it didn't disappoint! No attention to detail has been left to chance... The packaging is as fabulous as the compact itself which really has to been seen to be appreciated.

With its luxurious gold casing, classy engraving, and typical studded design on the corners - it really does scream luxury and " open and use me NOW!!"

The bronzer is absolutely huge, and will go on forever so it will last a very long time. The first thing I noticed on application was how little powder is wasted. Many bronzers leave mountains of residue power round the sides of the compact after each swirl of the brush, but not this baby.... It effortlessly collects only what you need with no wastage at all - so really does ensure you get every pennies worth. It also lasts well and one application lasts all day .. Again confirming its quality and value for money!

As the bronzer is huge, it also has a huge mirror to boot which is great for travelling or make up on the go!

The formula is great too! It applies really evenly, and the colour is really super flattering. It gives a subtle natural bronze, and whilst in the compact you can see a small amount of shimmer, this does not reflect on the skin and gives a really natural, even look (no glitter in sight) and for that reason would be great for men and women and would look gorgeous on pale and tanned skin alike.

Yes this isn't the cheapest bronzer on the market, but neither is it the most expensive AND you do get a so much product for your money! Some products really are worth the investment and this is definitely one of them.

Treat yourself to this bit of luxury this summer and I promise you, you'll be "glowing" from ear to ear !

Arran Aromatics Citrus Shores and Bergamot and Mint Sea Mud Mask Review

Lets talk Arran Aromatics!

Founded in 1989, Arran Aromatics is one of Scotland's best loved brands. Over the years the brand has become recognised all over the world for creating stunning products!

I first heard of Arran Aromatics, whilst staying at the Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham as they create the hotel's bath and body lotions. I loved the unique scent of these products, instantly I was straight onto Google because I had to know more about this company!

The company was founded by Janet Russell and her husband Iain in the kitchen of their cottage on the beautiful Isle of Arran, making soaps and body creams infused with original fragrances inspired by the landscape and scents of the island they so loved.

Arran Aromatics came back into my life this week when I was gifted two products to try, upon opening my package and having a sniff I was transported back to my stay at the Malmaison. The scents are so unique that they have the ability to take you on a journey, to a different place, creating amazing memories and pure relaxation.

Citrus Shores Salt Scrub £15

To say I've relaxed in style this week would be a huge understatement!

Firstly, I love the jar! Ok, I know it's not most practical form of packaging but it looks fantastic and will add a touch of style to your bathroom.

Within seconds of this product being applied, brand new baby soft skin is yours! Honestly, I felt fetile!

This product is enhanced with Coconut Oil and combines fine salt and coarse sea salt for deep yet gentle exfoliation. The jar of glory also contains white grapefruit oil, to tone and enhance the skins appearance.

I used to hate exfoliating as I really dislike that feeling of hard grains all over your body, but this Scottish Beauty takes exfoliating to a whole new level making it a treat not a chore.

Bergamot and Mint Sea Mud Mask £8.50

The Bergamot and Mint Sea Mud Mask comes in a cute little tub, sticking to the brands routes it almost looks like it was created in Janet's kitchen - with the little stickers and handwritten looking text everything feels very personal.

This product smells so clean and fresh!

The mud mask contains kaolin to draw out impurities and replace lost minerals, whilst essential oils act to tone and revitalise protecting against oiliness and spots leaving skin clean and conditioned.

This is one of by far one of my favourite face masks, I would say it's up there with GlamGlow and Charlotte Tilbury.

A thick formula that will leave your skin feeling beautiful!

With all face masks, remember its got to get worse before it gets better - therefore be prepared to break out for the first couple of weeks as the mask brings all the rubbish to the surface, once you get past that point it's hello sexy skin and goodbye blackheads.

I love this brand, and I will most certainly be back for more!

Thank you Arran Aromatics.



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