Freeze 24.7 Instant Wrinkle Treatment Review - The alternative to Botox?

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Today we talk Wrinkles!

We all want to look our best and feel good about ourselves whatever our age, but more and more we are surrounded by images of perfect women and men who are not natural, but surgically enhanced and while I have nothing against this, (I actually think that for many they look great on it) It does sometimes make some people feel inadequate or under pressure to do the same.

My mum for instance has been contemplating Botox for a few years now as she hates her crows feet around her eyes, but in her words is one of life's worriers.  After much deliberation she decided she was going to take the plunge and booked in for her first session. However the night before she researched online about the possible side effect of using Botox and whilst only very very small, decided that this was not for her.

This got me thinking, there must be a product out there that actually can work in the fight against wrinkles, that isn't invasive, doesn't cost the earth and more importantly, ACTUALLY works!

Freeze 24-7 claims to reduce wrinkles by a whopping 50-90% after 10 minutes, so I put it to the test. A 10ml pot of cream cost £36 on beautybay.com or £40 from debenhams online. Which is reasonable if it lives up to its claims....

The product arrived in the post two days later beautifully packaged, and I was super excited to give it a go! I dragged my mum round kicking and screaming.... Not! and gave it a whirl!! We had very high expectations given the claims it made and it didn't disappoint.

On application wrinkles did seem to almost fade away before your very eyes, however the excitement was unfortunately  short lived.

Whilst it DOES do as it claims, it works almost like a super primer smoothing and almost "filling in" the fine lines....but as soon as you apply moisturiser or make up over the top ( as you are supposed to) it undoes some of the good wrinkle banishing it originally achieved. If you DONT moisturise over the top it turns crusty ( which is definitely, not a good look).

I have to say lines do still look reduced and would work great for a little night out, or for a special photo opportunity but it certainly isn't going to give you the wrinkle free finish we had hoped for.

In short boys and girls we haven't found our wrinkle cure, but it's a pretty good, non invasive start, I will keep searching for the ultimate wrinkle fighter, that I'm sure is out there somewhere!
If you know of any wrinkle miracles, please share them by leaving a comment below!
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  1. This is such a 50/50 answer and I am still really intrigued because if I can get my skin blemish free it will be nice to have when I don't want to wear make up in Summer etc, but it sounds just like what my spot gel does, won't let anything go on top! xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. this will do great works during the summer!


  3. ooh ive not tried this nor heard of it yet, something i could do with x


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