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Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes & Luxury Eye Palette Review.

Happy Sunday All!

I absolutely love Sundays, a day to put my feet up and relax!

Morning work out done, time to start blogging as my partner prepares our roast dinner - Can't beat it!

Today I am going to be reviewing the famous Full Fat Lashes Mascara & Luxury Eye Palette by the incredibly talented Charlotte Tilbury, make up artist to the stars!

What I love most about The Charlotte Tilbury range is the fact Charlotte makes makeup easy, all of her products are designed so that THEY do the hard work, meaning very little skill is required enabling you to achieve perfection without the need for a professional makeup artist.

I already own ALOT of Charlotte Tilbury products, anybody that has brought from the range will know once you pop you just can't stop - the products are so addictive!

Full Fat Lashes Mascara

I had heard so much hype around the FULL FAT Lashes, that I just had to get this for my kit!

Charlotte says:
 "I have spent my entire life searching for the ultimate mascara, and what it comes down to is they are a bit like men – you think you need 5 to keep you satisfied but actually you are really looking for The One. With Full Fat lashes I have found the perfect 5-in-1: a super luxe, XXL, multi-tasking mascara that creates the perfect “Full Fat Lash” to keep every girl satisfied... Some things in life just look better Full & Fat – this includes your lashes!"

My, my, Charlotte - you little devil!

Upon first stroke, I knew I had fallen into the trap - the search for the one, was over.

This is a great everyday Mascara, as the wand will deliver JUST the right amount of product - you will not see even a microscopic amount of clumpage!

The product is incredibly buildable, meaning you can add as many coats as you like to achieve the desired finish! I personally think, two coats delivers the perfect Full Fat Lashes.

This product will deliver the following:

* CURL: the 5-grooved brush deposits the optimal line of mascara along the lash line, pushing your lashes up and out.

*SEPARATION: the fine-tipped bristles catch every lash, no matter how short or fine, coating them in black brilliance.

*VOLUME: the glossy black formula creates full-on, voluptuous, outrageous lashes that don’t drop onto your cheeks.

*LENGTH: the maximum bristle count covers every lash to the very tip, to create the perfect flutter.

* DRAMA: the 5-STAR brush creates a 3-dimensional flutter. Good bye spider lash and hello feather lash – lashes are finely separated, creating that “false lash” multi-layer effect.

From FLAT to FAT!

I couldn't get over how good Becky (My Model)'s Lashes Looked, it really does create that false lash look with very minimum effort required - the above look was achieved in less than 60 seconds!

I would give this Mascara 10/10, I honestly can't find anything bad to say - this is what I like to call PURE PERFECTION!

Luxury Palette - Golden Goddess

Charlotte Says:
"The power to mesmerise is in your eyes, with this make-up hypnotise… I have de-coded the secrets to iconic, mesmerising eyes with my Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palettes. Each one contains four harmonious colour ways that offer a complete “desk to disco” eye colour wardrobe and an easy to use application ritual that is fail-safe to follow. It’s my artistry made effortless!"

These Eyeshadow Quads are so easy to use, if you follow the Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke routine as advised by Charlotte - you literally cannot go wrong!

On every product listed on Charlotte's website, you will find a demo video where by Charlotte shows you exactly how to use each product, I followed this process step by step and it proved to be fool proof - Click here to see the Golden Goddess Demo.

Golden Goddess Look Re-created by Following the Demo.
Palette Pro's:

*Easy to use

*Even Application

*Minimal Fall Out

*Amazing Pigmentation

*Blend's like a dream


*Incredible Lasting Power (12 hours +)

*Packaging is stunning

If you're not a fan of the colours used above, the palette comes in 8 different shade/look combinations, all of which can be found on the official website.

Finally a quality eyeshadow palette, allowing even makeup novices to create super sexy eye's!

These products can be purchase at selected Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fenwicks, and Brown Thomas.

They can also be purchased online at www.charlottetilbury.com (Mascara: £22.00 for 8ml, Eyeshadow Palette: £38.00 for 5.2g)

If you're based in the USA, you'll be pleased to know Charlotte's products are now available at Nordstrom as well as other selected retailers.

So If your looking to mesmerise your eyes, head over to Charlotte Tilbury now - you won't be disappointed!

Lots of love and big hugs! xx




Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream Review & Giveaway !

Hi Everyone,

So today I am going to be reviewing a new product from Color Wow, brought to you from Gail Federici, co-founder of John Frieda's hair care company and visionary behind their ground-breaking formulas.

Color Wow claim that they're products are simple, fast and very effective, creating total colour clarity, vibrancy and richness.

Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream

My hair has always been pretty hard work, it's incredibly thick, grows in all different directions, and sticks up at every given opportunity, meaning maintaining my daily quiff is often a challenge!

As my hair is so darn crazy, I have to wash and blow dry my hair daily (nightmare, I know!) - I am always on the look out for a product that can tame the mane!

Some days I manage to get it just right, perfect shine, bounce, texture, height, gloss, no frizz just perfection HOWEVER the majority of the time I am left with something that mimics the appearance of a birds nest on top of my head (Tweet, tweet!).

Not so long ago, whilst mooching on my sisters Facebook I noticed one of her friends had left a comment on a picture of myself saying  "Is it just me, is or that boys hair slipping off his head?", hilarious I know, I couldn't stop laughing myself! Some people are so charming!

So why do we have these bad hair days?

I think its a combination of lack of concentration/effort levels and products used (shampoo, conditioner, styling products etc!)

Before trying the Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream, I had tried many other styling products promising to take me from Worzel Gummidge to David Beckham unfortunately I am still waiting for my golden balls.

The Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream is an absolute GAME CHANGER, you're seriously going to love this bad boy!,

Apply Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream to dry hair for a quick alternative to the time consuming process of blow drying from wet to transform damaged-looking, distressed hair into liquidy-smooth, silky hair with healthy-looking shine.

You can also use this product on wet hair after your shower/bath, before blow drying!

For a quick fix or restyle, apply to any unruly areas/morning bed head and blow-dry sections.
A lightweight blend of humectants penetrates frizzy, brittle hair to replace natural oils lost during chemical treatments, blow-drying and daily stress.

Be sure not to use too much of this product at once though, I did this and it ruined this baby's magic!

Styling my hair has never felt so easy, this product get's a huge thumbs up for me!

Not only is it quick and easy to use, I see the results on every single USE!

Before Color Wow One Minute Treatment


Styled using the Color Wow Treatment.

This product can be purchased on Space NK, QVC and Color Wow Official.

30ml - £9.00

120ml - £16.50

Big hugs

Jakey xx


*** GIVE AWAY ***

One of my lucky followers WILL win a Color Wow Root Cover Up AND a One Minute Transformation Styling Cream.... ALL you have to do is, post your favourite time-saving beauty tip on the Color Wow Facebook Page include the hashtag #WOWinNoTime & #makeupwithjakejamie !

Good Luck guys, even if you don't win you'll receive a 20 % off exclusive promo code JUST for entering !

These wonderful treats could be yours!



Make Up For Men, The Best Products, Tips and Demo. Natural & Flawless.

Top tips & best products for men wanting to enhance their natural beauty.

Products discussed:

Light coverage foundation:
Bare Minerals Matte Foundation
Bourjois Healthy Mix
Mac Face & Body

Medium coverage foundation:
Armani Luminous Silk

Full coverage foundation:
Estee Lauder Double Wear (remember to apply with real techniques miracle complexion sponge!)

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher - Light coverage
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer - medium - full coverage
Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage Concealer - full coverage
Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Concealer - full coverage

Mac Matte Bronze

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish
Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift
Bourjois Brow Gel

Contour & Highlight
Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Beauty Blender

Skin prep:
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
Soltan Aftersun

James Read Express Mask Tan

Additional brushes used:
Mac 217, mini Bobbi Brown Brush, real techniques contour brush and powder brush.



Flamingo Gifts Review

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year to you all!

Sorry for the lack of updates on here and on my YouTube channel over the past month, I was incredibly busy over Christmas and then as soon as the festive period was over I went to Tenerife on Holiday to catch some winter sun!

I'm now fresh and revitalised and BOY have I got some reviews for you!

If you visit my blog frequently, you will know I am a huge fan of Flamingo Candles a company that delivers scents good enough to eat!

During my break, whilst catching some rays I received an email from Flamingo - I was overjoyed to find out that they have branched out, adding hundreds of unique and unusual presents for every occasion to their range.

Flamingo have been putting their hearts and souls into sourcing some of the best gifts around to ensure a collection of presents that anyone would be overjoyed to receive, they understand everyone is different and that there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all-gift.

I rushed online (even though it costs me a fortune abroad) to take a look at the gifts on offer. I just couldn't wait!

I was pretty scared to be honest, because I knew if their gifts were as good as their candles my credit card was about to get a massive bashing!

Upon first click, I fell deeply in love .... The range is so unique, yet so in-expensive!

You really CAN find something for everyone!

However, my initial thoughts were 'Sod everyone else, I am buying these things for ME!'

Having worked with Flamingo in the past, I was fortunate enough to be sent some products to try out, I received the following:

Sweet Treat Coasters

These little gems are just so cute! The coasters look exactly like yummy cakes, tarts and biscuits. The tasty treats come in a pretty little tin.

The set consists of a jam tart. chocolate digestive, cherry bakewell, pink sparkly cupcake, doughnut and a rich tea.
Mmm, Delish!


Thoughts and Doddles Notebook

A bloggers fav !

 I am in love with this A5 notebook, Flamingo Gifts offer a couple of different designs on these notebooks but this was definitely my fave!

Gone are the days of boring, plain notebooks! These books are absolutely fantastic for bloggers or anybody who is always writing, it adds a little fun to your inspirational words!


Trim Phone In Goldfish Orange

This is my absolute favourite item, it has taken pride of place in my lounge !

I love the design, it's vintage with a modern twist.

Not a fan of orange? Never fear, this little treasure also comes in Plum, Swedish Green, Peacock Green and French Blue!

It has push dialling, redial button and a choice of ringer settings.

I was amazed at just how quick it was to set up, you just plug the phone into any standard socket and your good to go - I was making calls within 2 minutes of the phone's arrival!

A must have, and ONLY £33.00 (just wait, whilst I pee slightly) !

Adding a splash of colour to my living room!

Overall, I am really impressed with every single one of my Flamingo Treats! Flamingo really are a top organisation, providing quality products time and time again!

Why spend a fortune, when you can visit www.flamingogifts.co.uk and pick up a gift that's fun and fabulous yet incredibly affordable !

Have you brought any items from Flamingo before? Would love to hear from you!

That's all folks.

Big Hugs

Jake-Jamie xx



Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage Review

Is this the best concealer in the world?

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