Acne/Blemish Coverup Tutorial, Makeup for Men and Women.

Introducing my Target and Blend technique whereby your area of concern gets full maximum coverage and the surrounding area’s of GOOD SKIN get blended in to create an overall flawless looking base!

This is full coverage makeup at it's very best!

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Makeup Setting Sprays that EVERYBODY could benefit from using!*


Review on the Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray, Allnighter Setting Spray and B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray.

Perfect for setting makeup, chilling the surface of the skin and filling in smile lines!


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow New Medium/Dark Shade Review*

Now every skin tone can take advantage of this incredible creation! Go Charlotte!

Full Review:


Christmas 2015 Gift Guide

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the YEAR!

Check out my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide, I've got something for EVERY BUDGET:


Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review*

Urban Decay meets Gwen Stefani! It's a beautiful creation!

My personal favourite Urban Decay Palette!



Urban Decay VICE 4 Eyeshadow Palette UNBOXING & REVIEW!*

If you love bold, vibrant quads - you're going to love this!


Charlotte Tilbury The Gift Of Red Carpet Skin Review AND other Tilbury Treasures!

This is the best Christmas Range I have ever seen from a Cosmetics House, it's insane!

Go check it out:



How to: Contour & Highlight! Natural, Wear-able Glowing skin (For Men & Women)

This video will enable you to add shade and light to the face in the most natural, wearable way ever imaginable!

I teach you to enhance, glow, and feel amazing within 5 simple steps! 



ASOS meets NARS! It can only mean beautiful things...


The Vaser Vlog, Part 2. Vaser Liposuction Review.

This video will talk you through my experience of the surgery, recovery, the compression garment, returning to work, the results and much more! 

Jake-Jamie xx

Surgery performed by Dr Vlok at The Private Clinic.

Check out the Private Clinic's diary of my VASER journey, this will give you an insight from a medical perspective: 


Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Foundation Review*

One step solution to cover, protect, soothe and clear the skin!




How to get perfect, thick brows! For Women & Men ! 


Estee Lauder Double Wear To Go Review & Demo!

I feel the branding behind this new foundation is very misleading, I was incredibly disappointed with the results! Click the video below to get the full low down and demo of the foundation in action!



Sunforgettable allows you to stay looking fabulous throughout scorching hot heat!

Honestly, a must have for every makeup fanatic! This product allows you to top up your UVA/UVB sun protection without ever ruining your foundation! Now you can stay protected AND pretty! 

Winner, winner!

Click below for my full in depth review on this game changing creation:

During my recent trip to Las Vegas, Sunforgettable allowed me to be Camera Ready even in 42 degree heat!


Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand Review*

8 hours sleep in just 2 clicks? Introducing the new Mini Miracle Eye Wand!

A must have or a waste of time?

Click the video below to get my thoughts on this skincare/concealer duo from the ever gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury.


The Vaser Vlog Part 1

Hey Everyone,

This is part one of a new mini series, showing the process of Vaser Liposuction from start to finish.

I am sharing my journey as there is currently nothing like it on YouTube and I want to help. I spent hours trying to find modern video's on the full process of Vaser Lipo (consultation, best clinics, pre-op, post op, results etc) and had no luck, hopefully this will help if you are considering having VASER done. It's a huge decision and it's so important to make sure this is right for you!

Trust me, I haven't gone into this lightly. It's something I have thought about for years!

Any questions at all, comment below and I'll do my best to come back to you ASAP.

Surgery performed by Dr Vlok at The Private Clinic.

Check out the Private Clinic's diary of my VASER journey, this will give you an insight from a medical perspective: 



Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation & Magic Complexion Brush Review *

Could it be magic?

This foundation will cover instantly and treat skin concerns in the long term, I cannot even begin to explain how impressed I have been with this genius new formula!

Information taken from the official Charlotte Tilbury Press Release:

- Instantly tightens pores and reduces shine.
- Minimises the production of sebum after 9 weeks.

- Covers any discolouration & imperfections, from mild to serious.
- Reduces production of melanocytes over time.

- Smooths appearance of wrinkles in just one hour!
- Age spots are reduced by 7.5%

- Anti-oxidant formula rejuvenates skin from within.

Click below for my full, very in depth review and DEMO on this incredible new foundation:



How to STROBE/HIGHLIGHT in a really wearable way! Ft Illamasqua Gleam.

Today I teach you how to create gorgeous glowing skin!




Imedeen Tan Optimizer Tablets Review *

Hey Everyone 
Can you believe I was on Buzzfeed last night, ranked number five in the top 10 Men that will teach you everything you need to know about makeup! I feel honoured and incredibly blessed.
Anyway, today we park makeup and talk Imedeen.
I found out today that Imedeen has actually been a global leader for internal skincare since 1991 (The year I was born!). So although internal skincare has been going since the day I entered the world, I feel like only recently we have started to see a huge increase around products that work from within.
Imedeen's range are designed to enhance your regular beauty regime, nourishing the deep layer of skin untouched by traditional creams and lotions.
Endorsed by scientists, dermatologists and industry expects - I had high expectations!
Imedeen Tan Optimizer is a sun preparation tablet, you're advised to take one tablet every day for 4 weeks and then throughout any sun exposure. The benefits? Vitamin C and E to protect skin from oxidative stress.
It's important to note, Imedeen do NOT replace the use of SPF so when taking the supplements its imperative that you continue it wear your sun protection as normal - you will not magically build up an immunity.
My thoughts
I wouldn't personally use this product again, but the only reason for that is I am not a huge sunworshipper anyway! As a kid, I could lie in the sun for hours.. but these days as a 'skincare freak', you'll often find me in the shade slapped in a heavy duty, high SPF cream!
UV rays account for 80% of all skin ageing.
Don't get me wrong, I love looking all golden and delicious but I can find that in a bottle of fake tan without the risks that come with baking yourself. Plus, sweating leads to clogged pores and unsightly spots. We all need some sun, however you'll get your vitamin D from incidental time spent outdoors, without burning.
To be fair to Imedeen they do advise you to stay Sun Smart by following these Golden Rules:
  • Sunscreen of factor 15+ should always be used 
  • Make sure you never burn
  • Aim to cover up with a t-shirt, hat and sunglasses
  • Remember to take extra care with children
  • Time in the shade from 11am – 3pm is a mustI
I do think this is a great product, if you are somebody that is going to spend your life sunbathing no matter what. Imedeen will help to give you that little boost of extra protection - so although it's not for me. I do see the benefits, and think its a genius idea to help the sun fanatics to stay that extra-bit safer.

Imedeen can be purchased from Superdrug and retails at £39.99.

Take care, and stay safe! x



Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow Review *

Cleanser, Mask and Balm for Baby Soft Skin. Does this really have 3-in-1 uses? Or is it best used as a treatment mask for dry, dehydrated skin?

Click below to find out:


Beauty Sweeties Review *

Sweets that make you beautiful, now - wouldn't that be incredible!

German born company 'Beauty Sweeties' have launched a range of confectionary, the product range consists of fruit jellies, cream pralines, and crispy chocolate bars.

I tried the fruit jelly hearts and the fruit jelly bears, and I have to say they are absolutely delicious and best of all they are fat free!

These sweets are made up of 20% fruit juice, and 6% fruit pieces. These sweets also contain ingredients usually found in skincare products, such as Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera, and Collagen.

Its certainly an interesting concept, a product that works from the inside out?

I do believe the ingredients in the sweets will benefit the skin, but honestly to really see a difference you'll need to change your whole diet as unfortunately the levels in each pack are not enough alone to magically give you 'perfect' skin.

I think if you already follow a healthy diet, these sweets would be the perfect little treat! They are very yummy, and if you already take care of your skin these are likely to give you an extra little boost of radiance that you would not find in a 'Snickers' bar!

Overall, they are a much healthier choice in comparison to the majority of your 'standard' well known sweets and chocolate bars.

I think they are a fun addition to the confectionary market!

Taste 10/10

Concept 9/10

Science 5/10

Value for money 8/10

Each bag contains 125g worth of 'Beauty Sweeties', these can be picked up across Superdrug stores and online retailing at £2.99 per pack.



Make Up Forever ULTRA HD Foundation Review - Genius Invention or a Marketing Scam? *

The below review was written for www.blatherandbeauty.ie as part of her #malebloglove series:

For me, this was a really interesting concept as anybody that watches my YouTube Channel will know I’m all about creating incredibly natural make-up looks. I spent years perfecting my own ’natural’ make-up, which is why I started the channel in the first place to share my findings with other men and woman wanting to create that perfect looking complexion!
We have already found foundations that look like a second skin whether that be in a HD Video, in person or on the highest megapixel camera. Therefore I found the idea a little bit strange, it made me think – Is this just another marketing trick? Is the word ‘ULTRA HD’ just another way of selling a brand new foundation? I was really excited to put it to the test.
After putting this foundation through an incredibly thorough trial, I was not impressed with this foundation at all, I don’t think it’s invisible on the skin, it sits in fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. This foundation will work for some individuals, but my frustration comes from MAKE UP FOREVER stating that they guarantee invisible results on ALL skin types and as my video proves – that is not the case.
Those claims are absolutely ridiculous!
It really hits a nerve with me. As a beauty YouTuber, I receive messages from people all of the time wanting to create a better version of themselves because they have massive confidence issues. Often I’ll receive messages from straight men or very young individuals wanting to buy their first foundation, but worried they’ll spend lots of money and the make up will look obvious on their skin.
Therefore examples like this make me ever more upset, I think of that 15 year old boy wanting to find his first foundation to give him the confidence to walk the streets with his head held high – if he went online and saw this foundation, a product that claims to work on everybody’s skin and GUARANTEES to be invisible, he would rush out and buy this product in a flash. Unaware, he has spent £29.00 on a product that may not even work for his skin type.
Don’t alway’s believe the hype, this is a prime example of clever marketing! 
You can watch a full demo of this foundation below.


Makeup for Men/No Makeup, makeup for Women! HD! High Quality Tutorial and Demo.

With Makeup, I am able to create a second skin that gives me the confidence to hold my head up high!
Just under a year ago I started recording video’s on YouTube, like most ‘Beauty’ channels I review all the latest cosmetic launches, however my channel is very different indeed - I review products from a Female AND MALE perspective.

Somehow our society decided that only women should wear makeup, however many Men feel the pressure to look good and simply meet beauty standards too.

We know sexism hurts women, but we don't talk as much about how sexism hurts men.

Why are Men supposed to be “reserved emotionally? We are all humans, we get anxiety and have body image issues too.

My YouTube channel quickly proved that there are thousands of Men wanting to improve their appearance, and why shouldn't they?

These Men each have their own and very personal reasons for wanting to wear makeup, from wanting to look great on their wedding day to impressing a hot date!

They come to me as they have no idea where to start and which products to use, often they are too scared to approach a beauty counter for advise through fear of being teased and laughed at.

I provide a safe haven whereby Men can talk about beauty without being judged!

The general consensus is that we want products that don't sit in our beard (if you’ve got a beard!), we want products that look incredibly natural on the skin, and we want to add shade and dimension to our faces without ever looking like a glitter-ball!

Today, I’m going to show you how to transform your problem skin, into flawless perfection every single day!


Jo Malone London Home Haul - Pomegranate Noir, Blackcurrant and Bay and MORE! *

Say hello to some of the most beautiful scents, ever created!

Products discussed:
Pomegranate Noir Home Candle
Red Roses Home Candle
Blackcurrant and Bay Hand and Body Wash
Lime Basil and Mandarin Shower Oil

All can be purchased at www.jomalone.co.uk



It's your time to shine!

Competition now closed! This was the end result. Thank you to everyone who entered.

I am on the look-out for Male and Female 'natural' make-up fanatics to appear in a magazine feature, alongside myself!

This will be a before/after piece therefore the ideal applicant will have a skin concern of their own (this could be acne, redness, rosacea, vitiligo, scarring, dry skin, dehydrated skin, tiered skin, large bags, sparse brows - anything at all!!) - as the article will be aimed at showing the power of 'natural' make-up, and how you can transform your face in the most natural way possible!

I want you to take all the tips and tricks that you have learnt through watching my channel and apply that to your entry!

Please make sure all pictures are taken against a white/neutral background, the higher the image quality - the more chance you have of appearing in the feature.

The aim is to cover your skin concern, without looking like you are wearing any make-up at all! Allowing your natural beauty to shine through!

You're before/after should have the same format as mine below, please send your before/after as two individual images - do not join them together.

These picture's should not be photoshopped, and no filters should be used.

The best entry will also win a Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, in the shade of your choice. *Please note, this foundation is not released for general sale until September 2015. Therefore you will receive your prize, a couple of days after its official release.

Email your entries to makeupbyjakejamie@gmail.com, if you could include details of your 'skin concern' and how make up gives you confidence that would be fab!

Now, lets show everybody that we all have the canvas and we all deserve to look and feel incredible!

Good Luck!!!

Jake-Jamie xx


The winners will be featured in the national press, therefore by entering this competition you are agreeing to your name and photographs provided being used for consumer magazines, online consumer websites, and broadcast opportunities.

The best entry will also win a Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, in the shade of your choice.

Please note, this foundation is not released for general sale until September 2015. Therefore you will receive your prize, a couple of days after its official release.

The competition will run from July 31st - 12th August 2015 (the "Closing Date") Any entries received after this date will not be eligible.

The winner of 'Magic Foundation' will be selected by 14th August and will be notified via email.

In the event that contact cannot be made with the winner after 3 attempts, we shall select another winner.

There is no cash prize, and I reserve the right to substitute any prize with a prize of equivalent value in the event of circumstances outside of its control.

The winner's name will be available upon request upon writing to The Beauty Boy.

Our decision is final and no correspondence on any matter concerning the contest will be entered into.

We reserve the right to suspend or termniate the contest or to extend any closing date.


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation Review *

Worth the hype?


Best Fake Tans and Summertime Essentials

These products will give you most amazing summertime glow! 

Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan
Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Dark
Vita Liberata 2-3 week Tan
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask
St Moritz Dark Tan
Michael Korrs Liquid Self Tanner
Double Wear Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow
Make up forever HD powder
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation
Make Up Forever step 1 Hydrating Primer
Real Techniques Powder Brush 


23andMe DNA Test Review

This test allow's you to stay one step ahead and plan for your future! Click below to see my results!



Celebrity Slim Diet Review

Looking for a flexible, affordable diet? Look no further - let me introduce you to Celebrity Slim.


Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick Review

Worth the hype?



Michael Kors GLOW Bronzer Review - 21g.

I was so excited to get this beautiful bronzer but was sceptical that with a £34.00 price tag it would have to be pretty spectacular to warrant the cost.

I'm pleased to say it didn't disappoint! No attention to detail has been left to chance... The packaging is as fabulous as the compact itself which really has to been seen to be appreciated.

With its luxurious gold casing, classy engraving, and typical studded design on the corners - it really does scream luxury and " open and use me NOW!!"

The bronzer is absolutely huge, and will go on forever so it will last a very long time. The first thing I noticed on application was how little powder is wasted. Many bronzers leave mountains of residue power round the sides of the compact after each swirl of the brush, but not this baby.... It effortlessly collects only what you need with no wastage at all - so really does ensure you get every pennies worth. It also lasts well and one application lasts all day .. Again confirming its quality and value for money!

As the bronzer is huge, it also has a huge mirror to boot which is great for travelling or make up on the go!

The formula is great too! It applies really evenly, and the colour is really super flattering. It gives a subtle natural bronze, and whilst in the compact you can see a small amount of shimmer, this does not reflect on the skin and gives a really natural, even look (no glitter in sight) and for that reason would be great for men and women and would look gorgeous on pale and tanned skin alike.

Yes this isn't the cheapest bronzer on the market, but neither is it the most expensive AND you do get a so much product for your money! Some products really are worth the investment and this is definitely one of them.

Treat yourself to this bit of luxury this summer and I promise you, you'll be "glowing" from ear to ear !

Arran Aromatics Citrus Shores and Bergamot and Mint Sea Mud Mask Review

Lets talk Arran Aromatics!

Founded in 1989, Arran Aromatics is one of Scotland's best loved brands. Over the years the brand has become recognised all over the world for creating stunning products!

I first heard of Arran Aromatics, whilst staying at the Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham as they create the hotel's bath and body lotions. I loved the unique scent of these products, instantly I was straight onto Google because I had to know more about this company!

The company was founded by Janet Russell and her husband Iain in the kitchen of their cottage on the beautiful Isle of Arran, making soaps and body creams infused with original fragrances inspired by the landscape and scents of the island they so loved.

Arran Aromatics came back into my life this week when I was gifted two products to try, upon opening my package and having a sniff I was transported back to my stay at the Malmaison. The scents are so unique that they have the ability to take you on a journey, to a different place, creating amazing memories and pure relaxation.

Citrus Shores Salt Scrub £15

To say I've relaxed in style this week would be a huge understatement!

Firstly, I love the jar! Ok, I know it's not most practical form of packaging but it looks fantastic and will add a touch of style to your bathroom.

Within seconds of this product being applied, brand new baby soft skin is yours! Honestly, I felt fetile!

This product is enhanced with Coconut Oil and combines fine salt and coarse sea salt for deep yet gentle exfoliation. The jar of glory also contains white grapefruit oil, to tone and enhance the skins appearance.

I used to hate exfoliating as I really dislike that feeling of hard grains all over your body, but this Scottish Beauty takes exfoliating to a whole new level making it a treat not a chore.

Bergamot and Mint Sea Mud Mask £8.50

The Bergamot and Mint Sea Mud Mask comes in a cute little tub, sticking to the brands routes it almost looks like it was created in Janet's kitchen - with the little stickers and handwritten looking text everything feels very personal.

This product smells so clean and fresh!

The mud mask contains kaolin to draw out impurities and replace lost minerals, whilst essential oils act to tone and revitalise protecting against oiliness and spots leaving skin clean and conditioned.

This is one of by far one of my favourite face masks, I would say it's up there with GlamGlow and Charlotte Tilbury.

A thick formula that will leave your skin feeling beautiful!

With all face masks, remember its got to get worse before it gets better - therefore be prepared to break out for the first couple of weeks as the mask brings all the rubbish to the surface, once you get past that point it's hello sexy skin and goodbye blackheads.

I love this brand, and I will most certainly be back for more!

Thank you Arran Aromatics.



How to contour and highlight for Men!

Contouring & Highlighting Tips & Tricks FOR MEN!


Budget Brows! Perfect Eyebrows for less than £10.00!!!

Click below to transform your Eyebrows for less than £10.00:

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