Protein World Slender Blend Review

I've decided to review the highly celebrity endorsed Slender Blend by Protein World, to see if it really lives up to the hype.

Growing up I was overweight - I made a conscious decision around the age of 16 to lose the excess pounds and a new, more confident Jake was born. 

I lost weight via Slimming World, a diet I highly would recommend to anyone as it's a complete change of lifestyle. The food is uber tasty and you still get to eat those amazing treats that we all crave! Its realistic, and 100% achievable.

Now, in my twenties - I consider myself to be a very health conscious individual.

I decided to try Protein World after Christmas this year as I had overindulged to the max, I was going on holiday in the May so I wanted to get that beach bod that we all desire every time summer starts to approach.

Slender blend seemed like the way forward, virtually everybody from the Only Way Is Essex (Mark Wright, Lauren Pope, Fearne McCann, Bobby Norcross, Sam Faires, Mario Falcone and many, many, more) were endorsing this product on Twitter - selling it as though it's the best thing since sliced bread.

It claims to boost metabolism, help you to feel fuller for longer, and support the development of lean & toned muscle.

You use this twice a day as a meal replacement to help control calorie intake enabling you to loose weight.

So, I purchased the flavour Vanilla as apparently this was their most popular - I was really excited when It arrived and couldn't wait to get started.

The packaging and branding is excellent - you could not fault Protein World for that.
My FIRST Shake! Had to get in with the 'Celeb Pout!' LOL!
However, when I tried my first shake I was very disappointed it honestly made me gag it was THAT unpalatable - I have never tasted something so sweet and rank in my whole entire life and I am not a fussy eater or drinker.

Protein world suggest blending different ingredients into your shake to add more variety - I followed some of their recipes online, I tried the Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut and Peanut Butter & Banana which all sound pretty darn wonderful but again ... DISGUSTING !!!

I tried the protein pancakes and they were vile, I tried the shake with water, dairy milk, soya milk, hazelnut milk... absolutely everything and not ONE of these methods could be classed as delicious (A claim some of those celebrities made!)

I returned the Vanilla Slender Blend to Protein World and in their defence I did get a full refund, I then decided to try their Naked Version (No Flavour) as I thought it may be the Vanilla that I didn't get on with.

I have to say the Naked Version was better, but this would still leave an odd taste in my mouth - I decided to run with it and give the product a fair trial.

I followed this diet religiously for 1 month in total (Including 4x Gym sessions per week), after my first week I did lose 6lb which motivated to continue however after week one the weight loss came to a hault. I think the only reason I lost weight in the first week is because I had stopped eating solid foods!

To be honest, it is very unlike me to even try a diet like the above - I don't think diets like this can ever work long-term but I fell into the marketing trap.

I bet not even a quarter of those celebrities actually drink these shakes, my bet is they pose for a picture and take home a pretty large cheque.

I would not recommend this diet to anybody, you are much more likely to succeed by joining Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

I cannot comment on Protein Worlds other products that are used for building muscle, those I have not tried.

Has anybody else tried the Slender Blend? I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. I think these really do only work because you are replacing food with liquid like you said, that really is it. I really wanted to try this too but I have hated previous slimming shakes so don't think I would get on well! xxxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. Excellent post babes! I see those celebrities all over my instagram with their perfect pouts and protein shakes as if its the best thing ever invented. I love your honesty :) I was doing Juice Plus for a while but you end up getting bored and stuffing your face so its good old fashion gyming for me xx


  3. Thanks girls!! It just annoys me when these large companies try and scam us into spending large amounts of money xx

  4. I don't like the Choco one the taste is just too artificial

  5. gotta be careful with certain protein shakes as some or most ingredients are not natural. Its crucial for people to really consider what they're putting into their bodies.

  6. Thanx fo sav'n ma doh baby boi... I bez stikn 2 da fried chiken. Duces!

  7. Down with celeb endorsed nonsense! I generally like just getting my protein in through food, haven't had an problems yet and I've been lifting for 6 years, whenever I try a protein powder it's just so nasty can't understand how people omg it's so yummy, gahhh! Finally an honest review !

  8. OMG THANK GOD!! I just received mine in the mail yesterday and all i can say this drink is horrible, i cannot seem to stomach it. every time i attempt to take a sip i gag straight away.

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  10. I'd recommend trying the juice plus shakes

  11. Hi iv never taken the slender blender before but do you have to go the gym to be taking this. Or can you just do things like walking and running will that help you lost weight is there anything I could take Aswell to tone up thanks you

  12. Hi iv never taken the slender blender before but do you have to go the gym to be taking this. Or can you just do things like walking and running will that help you lost weight is there anything I could take Aswell to tone up thanks you

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