Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today I shall be reviewing the highly anticipated Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury.

Over the past 20 years Charlotte has been mixing this primer/moisturiser product, a secret recipe passed through the family. Charlotte has been testing it backstage for years on all of the supermodels and celebrities including the radiant Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna and many more - it was always a backstage secret until now!

This product was known as Charlotte's secret magic cream, her clients named it that because Charlotte would not tell anybody what the recipe was!

Supermodels spend a lot of time travelling which can cause their skin to look tiered, dull and lifeless - with a layer of Charlotte's Magic Mix their skin would be transformed.

So what's is in this magic mix you ask?

It contains:

Bio-nymph peptide complex - Which will fight signs of aging as it increases collagen

Sodium Hyaluronate - To plump the skin

Rose Hip Oil, Camella Oil & Vitamin E - Will bring your complexion back to life

SPF 15 & Anti UVA-Filter - To protect skin from year round aging effects of UVA

Damask Rose Water and Organic Aloe Vera - Stimulate skin regeneration

Extracts of Frangipani - Forms a soothing, purifying and hydrating comfort on the skin

Plus a little bit of top secret magic!

This product is Paraben-free .

So now onto my thoughts!

This product retails at £70.00 for 50ml's worth of product, which initially I thought was a bit of a con!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, when I visited Charlotte's stand in Selfridges Birmingham I managed to get myself a sample of the magic cream - there is no way I would spend £70.00 without trying a product first.

Please note: Charlotte Tilbury do not currently offer samples on the magic cream however I was fortunate enough to be served by some really nice individuals that went and borrowed a sample pot from another beauty counter to provide me with a small amount of the product to try.

I have to be honest, on first impressions this product just feels like any other rich moisturiser (however we forget how many amazing ingredients this product holds, that over time will transform your face) however the real magic begins when you apply your foundation!

Charlotte says she cant do a make-up without magic cream and now I know why!

I decided to use Estee Lauders Double Wear over my magic cream, as the double wear can sometimes be quite drying and is the opposite to dewy providing a matte finish - the magic cream changed the look of the foundation completely !

Giving the skin the most amazing glow, it looked radiant and light from within without looking too dewy or shiny (A look I really dislike as I think there is a fine line between dewy and sweaty!!)

I assumed the glow would disappear after a few hours however I was wrong - it lasted all day!!!

The moisturiser is very rich in texture, but absorbs very quickly (no waiting to apply your foundation) it feels so comforting and luxurious when applied to the face.

In terms of smell, it has a slight hint of rose however its not over powering at all. I have fallen in love with the scent, it's really comforting.

It leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and generally just very lovely.

My only critique is that because this moisturiser is so rich, it holds everything meaning if you get an eyelash, a little bit of fluff, make up brush hair or anything like that on your face it can be quite difficult to remove - I just use a wet cotton bud and it seems to do the trick, but you couldn't just take the eyelash off your face with your fingers without potentially ruining your foundation however the positives far outweigh the eyelash situation lol !

Needless to say, I rushed back to Selfridges to pick up my full size version of this gem !

This product is packaged so beautifully, and now takes pride of place on my dressing table as it looks so pretty - It definitely put's my Sudocrem to shame ha-ha!

So if your looking for a primer/moisturiser that will provide a radiant look and overtime with continued use regenerate the skin and stop those signs of aging this product could very well work for you.

I would stay clear of the magic cream, if you like your foundation to look really matte - no matter how much you powder the glow will remain (which I think is fab!)

There is no denying this product is expensive, but I have to agree with Charlotte's clients it is magical!

You can purchase this product in Selfridges or at www.charlottetilbury.com, orders over £50 will receive FREE DELIVERY !

Has anybody else tried this product? Would love to get your thoughts!

Any questions, just holla you gorgeous people!!!

Big Beauty Hugs

Jake-Jamie xxxx

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  1. Your skin looks so glowing, I wish I had the money to splash out on this as it looks amazing xx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jessica, maybe it can be one for the Christmas wish list? Xx

  2. Great post, your skin looks fab! I really want to try this now :) xx


  3. Hey lovely! Amazing review it sounds fabulous :O I wish it wasn't so pricey in think I need to try and get a little pot like you. Your skin does look flawless though ... And I have major brow envy ! They are perf !!

  4. Ahhh thanks Zoe!!

    Yes, next time your in Selfridges grab yourself a little pot. LOL brow envy, I think your brows are awesome :-) xx

  5. Great review! So thrilled we finally got Charlotte Tilbury in the US! Loving everything of hers so far! x


  6. This does sound amazing, but I really don't think I'll be spending £70 on it anytime soon haha! On a side note, your eyebrows are insane! Do you get HD Brows done? They're so good!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

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