Protein World Slender Blend Review

I've decided to review the highly celebrity endorsed Slender Blend by Protein World, to see if it really lives up to the hype.

Growing up I was overweight - I made a conscious decision around the age of 16 to lose the excess pounds and a new, more confident Jake was born. 

I lost weight via Slimming World, a diet I highly would recommend to anyone as it's a complete change of lifestyle. The food is uber tasty and you still get to eat those amazing treats that we all crave! Its realistic, and 100% achievable.

Now, in my twenties - I consider myself to be a very health conscious individual.

I decided to try Protein World after Christmas this year as I had overindulged to the max, I was going on holiday in the May so I wanted to get that beach bod that we all desire every time summer starts to approach.

Slender blend seemed like the way forward, virtually everybody from the Only Way Is Essex (Mark Wright, Lauren Pope, Fearne McCann, Bobby Norcross, Sam Faires, Mario Falcone and many, many, more) were endorsing this product on Twitter - selling it as though it's the best thing since sliced bread.

It claims to boost metabolism, help you to feel fuller for longer, and support the development of lean & toned muscle.

You use this twice a day as a meal replacement to help control calorie intake enabling you to loose weight.

So, I purchased the flavour Vanilla as apparently this was their most popular - I was really excited when It arrived and couldn't wait to get started.

The packaging and branding is excellent - you could not fault Protein World for that.
My FIRST Shake! Had to get in with the 'Celeb Pout!' LOL!
However, when I tried my first shake I was very disappointed it honestly made me gag it was THAT unpalatable - I have never tasted something so sweet and rank in my whole entire life and I am not a fussy eater or drinker.

Protein world suggest blending different ingredients into your shake to add more variety - I followed some of their recipes online, I tried the Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut and Peanut Butter & Banana which all sound pretty darn wonderful but again ... DISGUSTING !!!

I tried the protein pancakes and they were vile, I tried the shake with water, dairy milk, soya milk, hazelnut milk... absolutely everything and not ONE of these methods could be classed as delicious (A claim some of those celebrities made!)

I returned the Vanilla Slender Blend to Protein World and in their defence I did get a full refund, I then decided to try their Naked Version (No Flavour) as I thought it may be the Vanilla that I didn't get on with.

I have to say the Naked Version was better, but this would still leave an odd taste in my mouth - I decided to run with it and give the product a fair trial.

I followed this diet religiously for 1 month in total (Including 4x Gym sessions per week), after my first week I did lose 6lb which motivated to continue however after week one the weight loss came to a hault. I think the only reason I lost weight in the first week is because I had stopped eating solid foods!

To be honest, it is very unlike me to even try a diet like the above - I don't think diets like this can ever work long-term but I fell into the marketing trap.

I bet not even a quarter of those celebrities actually drink these shakes, my bet is they pose for a picture and take home a pretty large cheque.

I would not recommend this diet to anybody, you are much more likely to succeed by joining Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

I cannot comment on Protein Worlds other products that are used for building muscle, those I have not tried.

Has anybody else tried the Slender Blend? I would love to hear your thoughts.



Latest In Beauty - The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 Box

Hi Everyone!

I absolutely love a bargain, so when I saw that Latest in beauty were offering a box full of beauty treats worth over £85.00 for ONLY £15.99 including postage and packaging I was all over it!

Normally I don't bother with the monthly beauty boxes, as I like to know what I'm spending my money on as opposed to buying a box and hoping I like what's inside.

However the Glamour Beauty Box is different, you know exactly what you get in the box before ordering and the box can be purchased as one-off-treat - no monthly subscription required!

Now, as a guy there are a few things I would not use personally within the box - however the James Read Tan & Laura Mercier Primer are worth over £15.99 ALONE - so it was well worth the purchase!

So let's talk about the products:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish:
I have fallen in love with this, it smells so fresh and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean - you really feel as though you have washed every inch of the day away! I would 100% re-purchase!

The Laura Mercier Primer:
 Laura Mercier is famous for creating beautiful primers. Once I have tested this primer fully I will do a more in depth review.

James Read Sleep Mask:
Anybody that knows me, knows I love James Read Tan - so I was uber excited that the box included  a product of his that I had not tried before.

I tried the Sleep Mask for the first time last night, and you can see why it has won so many awards within the beauty sector!

This is the easiest way to tan EVER, you apply it like a moisturiser before bed and when you wake you'll have a gorgeous golden glow! It wont transfer onto the bedding, and overnight it acts as a facemask providing TLC to the skin.

The box also includes:

Maybelline Stripped Nudes Lipstick FULL SIZE!!!!

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara FULL SIZE!!!!

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

Eyeko Eye Make up remover wipes

AND .... 12 months Online Glamour Magazine Subscription (Discounted by an incredible 62%) !!

This box is amazing value and I would URGE all beauty lovers to go and purchase this.

It would also make a great Christmas present?

Get yours here, while stocks last  http://www.latestinbeauty.com/glamour/ 

Jj xx


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Haul

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous!

So I did it again, I went crazy on charlottetilbury.com somebody needs to stop me - I can't control my CT addiction!

Charlotte offers free delivery on orders over £50.00 making it even harder to resist!

Today I will be reviewing Filmstar Bronze & Glow, The Powder & Sculpt Brush, Brow Lift, and Wonderglow.

Let's start by looking at what Ms Tilbury has to say about these products (If you wish to go straight to my thoughts, just scroll down):

Filmstar Bronze & Glow
This is a secret that silver screen sirens have kept to themselves for years – and once I share it with you – so will you! With FILMSTAR BRONZE & GLOW you can slim, sculpt, shorten, trim and highlight your features. It’s amazing what clever shading and highlighting tricks can do to your facial framework - it’s an illusion that I use all the time, particularly for red carpet scrutiny, and my clients can’t get enough of it. Take what you were born with and maximise your assets with FILMSTAR BRONZE & GLOW!

The Powder & Sculpt Brush
My Powder & Sculpt Brush is fantastic for any facial sculpting or highlighting, to create your ideal facial framework. The tapered end allows you to shade the hollows of your cheeks or temples and highlight your cheekbones, nose or even the bow of your lip. I also use it as a precision powder brush to avoid overloading the face with powder. It will deliver just the right amount of product to your T-zone and nose area. This brush is a must-have for a truly professional finish.

Brow Lift
It’s a well-known industry secret that a perfectly groomed eyebrow can give your entire face a lift. No look is complete without groomed eye brows – they frame your face and finish your eye make-up. I’m inspired by the Supermodel Brow of the nineties to create the prefect shape: it starts slightly squared off at the inner corner, tapers into a perfect arch and finishes in a fine point.

I have created a miracle fix to turn around tired, dull, dehydrated skin in a beauty flash. It’s called WONDERGLOW and is powered by a breakthrough Fluorescent Core Light Diffuser that cleverly steals UV light from its surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity to disguise and transform drab, sleep-deprived skin. WONDERGLOW is a visionary new anti-age hybrid. It’s a cross between an anti-age elixir and a complexion-enhancing light diffuser to give your skin an instant “spotlight” effect. Collagen-boosting peptides and patented wrinkle-preventing ingredients are fused with light-reflecting microspheres with a fluorescent core that fill in wrinkles and scatter light to blur away lines and flood skin with luminosity. Create the definition of youthful, healthy skin: glowing, hydrated and effervescent. It can be used underneath my LIGHT WONDER foundation, on its own for a relaxed, effortlessly dewy look or on top of makeup through-out the day to give your skin an instant pick-me-up – it’s one of my seven wonders for your skin!

Now, time to give my verdict..

Filmstar Bronze & Glow

This product comes in a gorgeous compact, to be honest I wouldn't except anything less from Charlotte her products all look impeccable.

I was initially dubious about buying this compact as I really dislike 'Shimmer'; every picture I had seen prior to purchasing looked very glitter ball-like.

I was pleasantly surprised as the shimmer in the bronzer does not translate onto the skin at all, however the highlighter unfortunately does - now although the shimmer is very subtle and although it does look very beautiful its not a product I will be using on myself.

I think this product will look absolutely stunning on most women, but for me I like that 'no make up, just perfect natural skin look' and if I wore this - people would most definitely be able to detect make up on the skin.

The bronzer is a little stunner in its own right, I kind of wish you could buy the bronzer separately. The colour of the Sculpt is very 'Natural' looking and creates a real looking tan, it is really buildable which is something I love.

Retails at £49.00 - I give this product 8/10

The Powder & Sculpt Brush

I couldn't believe how SMALL this brush actually was when it arrived, pictures can be very misleading. The brush came in a little box, and I thought to myself  'they must have sent me the wrong thing, NO WAY can my brush be in that tiny little thing!' but it was.

As Charlotte says, the shape of the brush is great for the contour of your cheekbones and if your a bit of a novice when it comes to makeup and you need a simple brush to do the trick, this would probably work very well for you as the brush does all of the work.

It feels very nice to hold, and does look very glam, with its rose gold finish !

Retails at £35.00 - I give this product 6/10

Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil
This brow pencil is fab-u-lous. I brought the pencil in Shade Cara D inspired by Cara Delevingne this is the darkest shade of the 3 however don't let this put you off as the colour is VERY natural.

The pencil has a slanted tip which is perfect for creating 'real looking' brows, you can create natural looking strands of hair and build up the dimension of your brow without just adding block colour.

It is packaged in one of those 'twist for more product' tubes which did concern me as I was worried the product may snap however *touchwood*, no problems.

If you pull the pencil from the middle, you will find a rather nifty little highlighter for your brow bone - its not the highest quality highlighter but its a good little extra.

Only downside is the staying power, it lasts a pretty long time but I've seen pencils last longer however they did not have all of the above benefits - so its swings and round-abouts!

The results!

Retails at £22.50 - I give this product a 8/10


I received a sample of this product from The Tilbury customer service team, they are absolutely wonderful just email them on customercare@charlottetilbury.com and I'm sure they will be more than happy to send you a couple of free samples.

Now on first impressions, this product does come out very glittery indeed - AND as a shimmer-phobe I was worried I would be left looking like a drag queen BUT I was wrong, unlike the shimmer in The Filmstar Bronze & Glow it does not translate onto the skin - Hallelujah!

In certain lights, I will notice a very, very slight shimmer on the skin but its nothing offensive and actually looks very nice - even on a guy!!

It leaves the skin looking radiant and awake, I think it looks great on its own - just bang on some concealer and some brow pencil and you have the perfect look for lounging around the pool on holiday.

I wouldn't personally apply this after your make-up, in my opinion in can ruin what you have just created.

Retails at £38.50 - I give this product a 8/10

I hope you enjoyed the review, leave your comments below - I love hearing from you!

Big Hugs xoxox



What causes breakouts and how can we prevent them?

Hey Guys!

So today's topic is breakouts,  everybody has experienced these at some point. For some of the lucky few it was just a short phase, for many others it's an ongoing battle! Here's a bit more information on the real cause of breakouts and some of the treatments you could try.

Around 80% of 11-30 year olds are affected by acne. It is caused by sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin's sebaceous glands. Sebum clogs pores which attract bacteria and become inflamed, causing acne.

Most pimples begin with blackheads which are a result of oil and dead cells becoming trapped in a pore, where they block the duct and mix with bacteria. They turn black in colour when they're exposed to the air, hence the name 'blackhead'.

So what causes the oil which causes the blackhead which causes the pimple (Geeezz that was a mouthful!)? There are many different factors and everyone's skin is different but here are just a few reasons:

Hormones - they play a big part in the development of acne as hormones are what kick off over active sebaceous glands.

Genes - research suggests that 81% of acne can be attributed to genetic factors rather than environmental ones. This is out of your control so you can pass the blame on to your parents!

Diet - whilst It's been suggested that chocolate and fried foods DO NOT cause acne, they do make acne worse by causing your sebaceous glands to over produce. This can be reduced by eating dark chocolate, controlling how much fried food you eat and adding more fruit and veg to your diet. You could also try drinking more water throughout the day to help hydrate your body and flush waste from your system.

Here are a few  tips you could try out, trial them for one month and see if it makes a difference to your skin.

1, Make sure your makeup brushes are clean - dirty brushes and sponges will transfer bacteria on to your face.

2, Wear loose fitted clothing - if you're a regular at the gym you'll know what it means to sweat. Although sweat won't cause the breakouts, it will mix with oils in your pores which will lead to acne.

3, Don't pick you face - leave your spots alone! Picking spots will only introduce more germs whilst increasing the chances of scarring and inflammation. I know its really hard to avoid doing this, I am very guilty when it comes to picking spots!

4, Get enough sleep - lack of sleep inflicts stress on the body which raises the level of Cortisol which causes breakouts. Research suggests that we should aim to get 8 hours sleep each night.

5, Change your diet - so we learned that chocolate causing spots is a myth, but eliminating dairy, caffeine, peanuts and sugar has been known to help clear skin. Try introducing foods such as salmon, dark leafy greens and antioxidant green tea.

6. Keep your face clean, wash your face twice daily to remove impurities, dead skin cells and oil. Use a mild facial cleanser such as Cetaphil (http://makeupwithjakejamie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/cetaphil-gentle-skin-cleanser.html), and never over wash your face - twice a day - keeps the derm away!

7. Always use clean towels.

8. Moisturize.

9. Try to avoid wearing make-up ALL of the time (Easier said than done, I know!) - If  you know your not leaving the house, have a make-up free day its really quite refreshing!

10. Always use non-comodogenic products, meaning they should not clog your pores and break you out!

11. Keep hair out of your face and use a gentle shampoo & conditioner.

12. Limit your time in the sunshine.

13. Change your bed sheets and pillow cases frequently.

Good luck, keep me posted and let me know how you get on.. and remember virtually EVERYBODY gets spots. We always feel as if we are alone and that other people are superior - however this is psychological, everyone you meet is fighting a battle of their very own.

We always want what we haven't got, but sometimes its worth taking a second to value what we do have because often we have more than we think.

Big hugs

Jake xx



James Read Express Mask Face Tan Review

Hey Beautiful People!
As the winter is approaching, and our tans are fading I felt it was only right to do a review on the incredible James Read Express Mask Face Tan!

For those of you who don’t know, James Read is the UK’s leading self-tanning expert (fact!) with over thirteen years experience in the industry. James has an unrivalled A-list clientele that includes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Lara Stone, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Gemma Arterton, Clive Owen, Conor Maynard and many more.
Gone are the days when it was socially acceptable to walk around looking like a satsuma #guilty, which is where James Read’s range comes in – His products are all aimed towards providing a natural looking skin.
I had been on the look-out for a tan like the express mask for years!
I am lazy when it comes to tanning and 9/10 I don’t even bother tanning my arms and legs as it’s a rarity that they make an appearance.
After all the rave reviews, I could no longer resist so I purchased this product via Marks & Spencers online (I had a discount code – meaning I didn’t pay for delivery!).
Previously I was using the St Tropez Mousse and I loved the finish on this product but hated the effort and inconvenience of applying it! If anybody has used St Tropez Mousse, you will know that whilst the tan is developing the guide colour is horrendous until you shower it off meaning you can not leave the house for at least 4hours!
The James Read range is a modern take on tanning, its quick, convenient, incredibly good for the skin, and it smells clean (as opposed to your standard digestive biscuit smell!)
I was really impressed with the simple yet incredibly sophisticated packaging, the tan also comes with a pump - that pumps out just the right amount of product which is super-convenient!

The express mask is not only a self-tanner, its skincare too – The formula contains Hylauronic Acid, Jojoba Sed Oil, Extracts of Aloe Vera and Algae, plus antioxidant Vitamin E, helping skin to feel firm & smooth.
The formula is a clear liquid, however although it’s clear you can still see and feel where you are putting the tan – I much prefer this concept because I can go out and about getting on with my normal daily activities without having to go into hiding whilst I’m developing.
This hydrating mask will leave you with a light glow after 30 minutes, or you can achieve a deeper colour if you leave this on for 60 minutes. I find 30 minutes is plenty for me, as it will continue to develop even after the mask has washed off.

It’s perfect if you haven’t had time to tan before a party/special occasion/or even a trip to the shops, you can just slap your James Read on, wait 30 minutes, wash it off, apply your make up and then as the day/night goes on it will keep developing under your foundation! Amazing.
If you are going to tan your arms and legs, you can purchase the Express Mask Tan for your body! I have not tried this product yet, however I assume it will do exactly the same as the face mask does but for your body instead.
The express face mask retails at £25.00 and can be purchased from M&S, Harvey Nicholls, Selfridges, QVS, John Lewis, Net-a-Porter, BeautyMART and One2One Studio’s Canada.
Overall, I think this product is incredible and I believe that every guy and girl needs a bottle of this magic handy!
Finally I will leave you with James Read’s top tips to the perfect tan:
·         Exfoliate the night before tanning

·         Wax & Shave 24 hours prior to tanning

·         Prep the skin – use a Nivea wipe all over the areas where the tan would gather just before you’re going to tan, because that will get rid of the tan if it's invisible to the naked eye as when you go over old tan it shows up more so using the wipes will stop that happening.
Thanks for reading!
Big hugs
Jake-Jamie xx



Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today I shall be reviewing the highly anticipated Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury.

Over the past 20 years Charlotte has been mixing this primer/moisturiser product, a secret recipe passed through the family. Charlotte has been testing it backstage for years on all of the supermodels and celebrities including the radiant Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna and many more - it was always a backstage secret until now!

This product was known as Charlotte's secret magic cream, her clients named it that because Charlotte would not tell anybody what the recipe was!

Supermodels spend a lot of time travelling which can cause their skin to look tiered, dull and lifeless - with a layer of Charlotte's Magic Mix their skin would be transformed.

So what's is in this magic mix you ask?

It contains:

Bio-nymph peptide complex - Which will fight signs of aging as it increases collagen

Sodium Hyaluronate - To plump the skin

Rose Hip Oil, Camella Oil & Vitamin E - Will bring your complexion back to life

SPF 15 & Anti UVA-Filter - To protect skin from year round aging effects of UVA

Damask Rose Water and Organic Aloe Vera - Stimulate skin regeneration

Extracts of Frangipani - Forms a soothing, purifying and hydrating comfort on the skin

Plus a little bit of top secret magic!

This product is Paraben-free .

So now onto my thoughts!

This product retails at £70.00 for 50ml's worth of product, which initially I thought was a bit of a con!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, when I visited Charlotte's stand in Selfridges Birmingham I managed to get myself a sample of the magic cream - there is no way I would spend £70.00 without trying a product first.

Please note: Charlotte Tilbury do not currently offer samples on the magic cream however I was fortunate enough to be served by some really nice individuals that went and borrowed a sample pot from another beauty counter to provide me with a small amount of the product to try.

I have to be honest, on first impressions this product just feels like any other rich moisturiser (however we forget how many amazing ingredients this product holds, that over time will transform your face) however the real magic begins when you apply your foundation!

Charlotte says she cant do a make-up without magic cream and now I know why!

I decided to use Estee Lauders Double Wear over my magic cream, as the double wear can sometimes be quite drying and is the opposite to dewy providing a matte finish - the magic cream changed the look of the foundation completely !

Giving the skin the most amazing glow, it looked radiant and light from within without looking too dewy or shiny (A look I really dislike as I think there is a fine line between dewy and sweaty!!)

I assumed the glow would disappear after a few hours however I was wrong - it lasted all day!!!

The moisturiser is very rich in texture, but absorbs very quickly (no waiting to apply your foundation) it feels so comforting and luxurious when applied to the face.

In terms of smell, it has a slight hint of rose however its not over powering at all. I have fallen in love with the scent, it's really comforting.

It leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and generally just very lovely.

My only critique is that because this moisturiser is so rich, it holds everything meaning if you get an eyelash, a little bit of fluff, make up brush hair or anything like that on your face it can be quite difficult to remove - I just use a wet cotton bud and it seems to do the trick, but you couldn't just take the eyelash off your face with your fingers without potentially ruining your foundation however the positives far outweigh the eyelash situation lol !

Needless to say, I rushed back to Selfridges to pick up my full size version of this gem !

This product is packaged so beautifully, and now takes pride of place on my dressing table as it looks so pretty - It definitely put's my Sudocrem to shame ha-ha!

So if your looking for a primer/moisturiser that will provide a radiant look and overtime with continued use regenerate the skin and stop those signs of aging this product could very well work for you.

I would stay clear of the magic cream, if you like your foundation to look really matte - no matter how much you powder the glow will remain (which I think is fab!)

There is no denying this product is expensive, but I have to agree with Charlotte's clients it is magical!

You can purchase this product in Selfridges or at www.charlottetilbury.com, orders over £50 will receive FREE DELIVERY !

Has anybody else tried this product? Would love to get your thoughts!

Any questions, just holla you gorgeous people!!!

Big Beauty Hugs

Jake-Jamie xxxx

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser & Moisturising Lotion Review

Hey Everyone!

So today we talk Cetaphil!

When it comes to skincare, I'm a fond believer in keeping your regime simple - for the following reasons:

1. You’re more likely to stick to it

2. Too many products on the skin can cause havoc

3. It costs more, to use more

4. It’s unnecessary

So just cleanse, tone (sometimes even this is not necessary if you use certain cleansers) Serumize (If that's even a word) & Moisturise !!! 

Let’s start by talking about Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, it is gentle on the skin but still has enough oomph to make the skin feel extremely clean - which for me is really important, there is nothing better than getting home and taking away the days make-up and this will get it gone!

This product is amazing for Sensitive Skin Types because it should not cause any irritation, yet at the same time it won't cause the skin to dry out.

 I know that this is a product that dermatologists recommend, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you suffer with acne - Really you should be able to see results within one week !

Since using this product (alongside other things) my skin has never been clearer. I felt it was really important for me to review this product because it really did improve my life and most importantly my skin!

This does not get rid of spots, but it stops more pesky pimples from developing - I am a fond believer in prevention is better than a cure!

Again, I used your standard Garnier, Clearasil etc but they never worked for me - I think sometimes brands try and get too funky and chuck in millions of ingredients which may smell incredible but really they are not helping the matter at hand.

In terms of application, this has no lather or residue and feels more like a thin lotion which I personally prefer.
Clear liquid is the cleanser, white liquid is the moisturiser.

Now, onto The Cetaphil Mosturiser this product has all of the same benefits of the cleanser like its fragrance free, non-comedogenic (Which means it clog your pores), for sensitive skin types etc etc... However I am not as in love with this product as I am the cleanser :-( .

Don't get me wrong, it is still a very good moisturiser - however I like moisturisers that absorb quickly, leave no residue on the skin, provide hours of hydration and feel luxurious and comforting to the skin and unfortunately this moisturiser did not do that for me.

It feels thin in consistency, therefore not providing that baby skin feel.

Cetaphil products can be purchase In Boots, and both the moisturiser and the cleaner are currently retailing at £7.19 each. Please note: Cetaphil is located in the Health & Medical Isle, so don't do what I did and spend your life searching around the skincare section #fail

I hope this was useful and remember, our faces don't need to be covered in products, simplicity is the key - Our skin is just crying out for some gentle tender loving care LOL !!!

Thanks for reading, as always any questions give me a shout.

Hugs and beauty blogger love.

Jake-Jamie xx


Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum Review

Finally a solution for adult acne !

When you say adult acne it sounds quite scary, however acne is a term used by dermatologists because that is the term for spots so that means even if you only have the odd breakout or a few spots - that is still classed as acne so please don't let that term worry you!

You may not be finding the right solutions, because you assume you don't have acne - when infact, virtually all of us have mild cases unless your one of the lucky few blessed with completely pimple free perfect skin #welljel

I was noticing that I had started to break out more than usual, so I decided to give Estee Lauder's Clear Difference Serum a whirl, and I absolutely adore it (Obsessed, I know!).

If your looking for a product to stop the dreaded breakout cycle then this serum is going to be your new best friend.

I had been searching for years for a product like this, but everything else I used never seemed to keep the spots away - I tried microdermabrasion, dermalogica products, freederm, clean and clear, clerasil, simple and many many more but with all of these the description on the packaging looked better than the results I saw.

Please remember, everybody's skin is different and just because the above didn't work for me - doesn't mean it wont work for you.

I like all of you have brought products previously because they have been sold like they are the best thing in the world, and I've been left very unhappy with the items I have purchased - This serum is honestly one of the very few items that matches its description accurately (in my opinion!)

So on that note, lets see what Estee Lauder had to say about this product:
A grown-up solution to blemishes. This fast-acting serum from Estée Lauder reveals clearer, smoother, fresher skin. Targets, treats and dramatically reduces the look of blemishes. Helps prevent new ones from forming and stop the breakout cycle. It targets, treats and reduces the look of blemishes effectively, yet gently with the proven power of salicylic acid, plus potent anti-irritants and skin purifying ingredients. The serum helps prevent the severity and frequency of future breakouts with continued use and normalises skin's natural cellular turnover to whisk away dead and dulling skin cells. Pores are prevented from plugging up with debris which can lead to breakouts; all thanks to a high concentration of Glucosamine-a natural and proven sugar-derived skin refiner. Skin immediately feels hydrated, silky-smooth.

This product has a beautiful Citrus Sherbert Sweeties smell to it, to me this feels like a luxury treat whenever I apply this.

I would recommend using this product every night before bed, and also on days when you have decided to go make up free as all serums can oxidise - I did try this serum with the double wear foundation and although it did look beautiful initially after a couple of hours it did accentuate my pores more than usual, so by all means this product can be worn under make up but only for short periods of time. This is not a fault of estee lauders, all serums are the same.

If any of you are wondering, Serum is applied before Moisturiser - never after !! This is because Serum can penetrate much deeper into the skin than a moisturiser can.

It is packaged beautifully in the classic Estee Lauder glass bottles with gold top, comes with a pump which is great - and it dispenses just enough product yippeeee!

This product can be brought on Estee Lauder Counters and online at www.esteelauder.co.uk it retails at £49-58.00 depending on size of bottle.

Estee Lauder are great when it comes to returns, so even if you've opened the bottle and decide this product is not for you - You can always take it back :)

Any questions just give me a shout guys.

Big Hugs xoxo

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