My First Blog !!! Eeek!!

Hi Gorgeous People!

I am uber excited to be sat here composing my very first blog !!!

I've decided to write this little introductory first, just to explain to you a little bit more about me and why I've decided to start blogging.

My main aim is to share with you what I have learnt over the last couple of years, during my early 20's I started to develop acne and it was a horrible, horrible, horrible time for me prior to that I had skin that would give Cheryl Cole a run for her money so when the spots started coming it was a huge shock to the system.

My main problem was always the scaring, even if I let the spot go in its own time (no picking, touching, prodding, popping) I would still always be left with a nasty red, pink or purpley scar which just knocked my confidence massively!

It got to the point where I needed a solution, so I thought sod it I am going to buy some make-up and I have never looked back but still it took me so long to find the answers I was so desperately searching for - I wanted something that would look like skin, but at the same time I needed a LOT of coverage, I wanted people to be able to get very close to my skin and not be able to see that I had any make up on what-so-ever EVEN in the harshest of lights.

Everybody's face, and everybody's needs and wants are completely different but I know that there is a solution for you too!

I had to make many mistakes along the way to find the gold!

I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences with you beauties, and hopefully we can all look and feel incredible together.

We all have the canvas, we just need to learn to paint.

Big Hugs

Jake-Jamie xx

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty blogging. So far your blog lots great - a hell of a lot more professional than my early attempts :)
    Looking forward to lots more posts xx

  2. Brilliant start to the blogging world, and you've done some great posts since I can see! You're gonna do brilliantly! ^__^

    Jemma xx

  3. You've been blogging near the same time as me! I'll be showing this blog to my sister, she like you had great skin then one day it completely changed,I think your advice will benefit her lots x

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